Here at Far Out Solutions, we believe that empowering our clients to succeed is the greatest factor in our success. Guided by our core values of placing our clients first, we are excited to share these success stories that display our intense commitment to delivering exceptional IT services.

Fountain Pointe Las Colinas

Fountain Pointe Las Colinas, in collaboration with FOS, upgraded its networks, cameras, and access control systems tailored to the specific needs to support multi-family living.

These upgraded systems have significantly enhanced their wireless connectivity and collaboration, and increased security across the property, enabling an ideal environment for both living and working. The reassurance that FOS provides includes ongoing maintenance and monitoring of Fountain Pointe’s technology environment, helping for more business uptime and efficiency...

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Far Out Serves Central Florida

The end of 2023 provided Far Out Solutions with wonderful opportunities to give back to our Central Florida community.

Discover how Far Out Solutions uplifted Central Florida during the holidays, from transforming ballet performances with dazzling sets to touching the lives of over 1700 families in need through charitable initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on the community's spirit....

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Riverfront Everett

Apartment Community Outsources Comprehensive IT Buildout with Guidance from Far Out Solutions

Riverfront Everett embarked on a mission to redefine luxury living, aiming to infuse advanced technology into their blueprint while building their new apartment community...

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Community Action Corporation of South Texas

Non-profit Undergoes Digital Transformation with Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution from FOS

Community Action Corporation of South Texas (CACOST) had a network environment that managed most of the company’s data on-premises...

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Lantower Cypress Creek

Luxury Apartment Upgrades Network for Enhanced Security and Reach

As an apartment complex which relies heavily on their network capabilities and the ability to access their data anytime and anywhere...

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