Fountain Pointe Las Colinas, in collaboration with FOS, upgraded its networks, cameras, and access control systems tailored to the specific needs to support multi-family living. These upgraded systems have significantly enhanced their wireless connectivity and collaboration, and increased security across the property, enabling an ideal environment for both living and working. The reassurance that FOS provides includes ongoing maintenance and monitoring of Fountain Pointe’s technology environment, helping for more business uptime and efficiency. 

The Challenge 

When Fountain Pointe Las Colinas decided to heighten its operations by investing in an upgraded network and security system, management knew that a simple “out-of-the-box solution” wouldn’t cut it. Instead, they aimed to create an upgraded solution that was focused and tailored to the company's standards and commitment to quality and security, rather than a generic approach. 

  • Management wanted to ensure wireless connectivity across the entire complex 
  • They also wanted to improve security and camera monitoring across their buildings 
  • They had existing technology they wanted to incorporate, and the new solution had to comply with industry-specific regulations, such as NDAA.

The Solution 

Fountain Pointe’s management worked with experts at Far Out Solutions to find a modern, highly adaptable solution for the business's new network and security systems.  The demands of multi-family housing were extensive, but Far Out Solutions’ experts were confident in their expertise to satisfy the client’s needs. After working closely with staff and management, Far Out Solutions far surpassed the expectations Fountain Pointe had in mind. 

  • Upgrading the surveillance system has enabled Fountain Pointe Las Colinas to improve its security and operations significantly. The new setup included installing 40 new surveillance cameras, increasing to 93 cameras to provide maximum building protection. The implementation also included relocating 20 existing cameras and enhancing the use of technology the client had previously invested in. 
  • Network upgrades have strengthened the IT infrastructure, and expanded network reach, with heightened capabilities, audio and visual experiences, streamlined connectivity is now enabled. 
  • The solution optimized communications and security for the complex.  Providing added protection while showcasing their commitment to technological efficiency.

The Return 

Far Out Solutions’ implementation has helped Fountain Pointe secure and modernize its technology while preparing it for a future of tech-led growth.  The new solution’s surveillance and network capabilities better the environment overall, providing peace of mind and an elevated experience for all. Further, these technological investments increased efficiency and set the building up for smooth growth in the future. 

  • As Fountain Pointe continues its growth, the updated network setup will help the business ensure connection for handling vital tasks critical to their operations 
  • Far Out Solutions’ continued support enables Fountain Pointe to worry less about their network and security, with a cutting-edge setup that frees up their employees to focus more on what’s most important to their property.

By harnessing the power of upgraded networks and security, the building’s staff and tenants can work efficiently, live safely, and enjoy the peace of mind that modern living brings.