Modernize your business while cutting-costs with Cloud Services

In recent years, an increasing number of enterprises have turned to the cloud as a strategic move to future-proof their operations. Cloud services redefine work dynamics, enabling seamless functionality across devices and locations, serving as the focal point for a secure and efficient remote workforce setup. Moreover, the shift towards subscription and consumption-based models in cloud computing transforms the traditional capital-intensive IT procurement into a more adaptable operational expense structure. This transition democratically opens access to cutting-edge technology. Is it time for your business to ascend to the cloud's potential?

Is it Time to Level-Up Your Technology?

As businesses move to the cloud, they quickly realize the benefits of fast and powerful collaboration and data protection. To understand what cloud services can do for your organization, book a time with one of our Far Out Solutions Cloud Service representative today to get your cloud assessment scheduled.

Know before you go – take our Cloud Readiness Assessment

Our expert technicians will perform a cloud readiness assessment to determine if your business has security, bandwith, and ability to work with cloud services. After reviewing your IT infrastructure, data, applications, and software, we’ll propose tailored solutions for moving your business to the cloud.

Protect your critical data with Cloud Backup and Storage

It’s time for your technology to work for you. When utilizing the Cloud, you can safeguard your computer files without worry, freeing up your computer systems to run faster and smoother. And better yet, gone are the days of file losses due to computer crashes. Your data is safe in the cloud.

The cloud arms businesses with everything they need to succeed in the digital landscape – from front office to back office tools to empower your teams collaboration and work better no matter where they are. Here are some of the cloud solutions we offer:

  • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)
  • Microsoft 365
  • Data Backup
  • Business Continuity
  • Applications
  • Cloud Servers
  • Desktop as a service(DaaS)
  • Hosted Voice over IP(VoIP)
  • Hosted Email
  • Cloud Applications
  • Private Cloud Servers

Leading cloud security for businesses

Protect your key business data. Every modern cloud strategy needs proactive security measures. Your business needs determine what level of cloud security is necessary. Far Out Solutions IT offers top-tier cloud solutions  to to handle your company's security and stability needs. Whether you’re leveraging a hybrid cloud environment or maintaining a proprietary platform, we ensure the protection of your data. Our experts collaborate with you to grasp your business's essence and provide superior security solutions, including end-to-end encryption, separate data work streams, Identity and Access Management (IAM), authentication, and high availability.

Microsoft 365

Experience the power of modern productivity. Effective communication, seamless collaboration, and enhanced productivity all pivot on one crucial element: Microsoft 365. Renowned for its robust capabilities, it stands tall as a leading email platform for businesses. Empowering companies of all different sizes, it not only amplifies productivity but also trims costs, enabling greater efficiency in fiercely competitive markets. As providers of Microsoft 365 solutions, Far Out Solutions excels in optimizing this potent platform, ensuring your business benefits from the versatility, reliability, and security it demands.

Data as a Service(DaaS)  / Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas)

DaaS frees businesses from the confines of traditional hardware. In the past, outfitting large organizations with physical desktop computers meant staggering capital expenses, sometimes in the millions. DaaS revolutionizes this by delivering virtual desktops and applications via the cloud. It offers a simplified, flexible approach to data delivery, making it perfect for decentralized businesses. Whether you have a remote workforce, experience rapid growth, or aim to reduce capital expenses, DaaS deserves your consideration.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing service that empowers companies to offload significant elements like hardware, storage, data center space, and network components. This shift to IaaS allows businesses to cut business costs by adopting a flexible subscription model that adjusts according to their evolving needs.

Harness business flexibility and security with Cloud Services.

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