Tailored cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes

Just like Managed Services Providers (MSPs), a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) steps in when an organization's IT department seeks a third-party to fulfill its information security needs. 

Businesses, irrespective of their size or industry, face rising cybersecurity threats.

Your data is at risk  

IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023

$4.45 million

Cost of a data breach when averaged globally.

287 days

The average time it takes a business to find and contain a data breach.

1 in 3

Number of breaches identified by an organization’s own security teams or tools.

The Crucial Role of Cybersecurity Services

In our digital landscape, cybersecurity stands as a fundamental necessity across all business domains. Safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring its confidentiality and integrity, hinges on paramount cybersecurity services. 

As cyber threats grow in complexity and frequency, businesses face heightened risks of damaging breaches and attacks. These incidents pose significant financial losses, tarnish a company's reputation, and erode trust among clients and customers. 

Effective cybersecurity goes beyond mere installation of firewalls and antivirus software. It involves fostering a security culture within the organization, educating employees on safe online practices, and continually updating defenses to preempt potential threats. 

The path to a secure and efficient business is clear


Discovery Call

We discuss your security goals and schedule a cybersecurity assessment.


Cybersecurity Assessment

Our experts analyze your cybersecurity infrastructure and pinpoint gaps in your systems and areas for improvement.


Follow up

We return with a proposal built specifically towards the needs and future goals of your organization.


Finalize your solution

You choose the fit that works best for the budget and needs of your business.

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We eagerly anticipate learning about your organization, sharing our process, and delivering value with expert IT services. Above all, we’re here to help.

Clients trust us with their Managed IT

“Whether it’s Network, Email, or Printers, They go the Extra Mile.”

We have been working with FOS for the last 8 years and they are a pleasure to work with.  They are very responsive and follow up regularly on tickets to ensure everything has been handled to our satisfaction.  Their associates are polite and they care about our company.  Whether they are dropping our low voltage, building out a network, helping our team with email, cell phones, copiers or computers, they go the extra mile to make everything right!

Joanie Williams Joanie Williams Principal & CFO
Watercrest Senior Living

“Exceptional Service! Consistently Impressed by Far Out Solutions Prompt Responses And Top Tier Support”

I’ve contacted Far Out Solutions multiple times and their prompt responses and top-tier support have consistently impressed me. As someone not well-versed in computers, I value their ability to either remotely troubleshoot my computer or send an on-site technician for diagnosis. Exceptional service!

Natalia Campos Avila Natalia Avila Assistant Property Manager
Rhapsody Property Management Services

“Thanks to Far Out Solutions, We Had An Easy Transition To Enhanced Wi-Fi Security And Now Have Peace of Mind Knowing Our Network Is Well Protected”

Far Out Solutions did a quick and thorough job upgrading our Wi-Fi system from WPA2 to WPA3, enhancing our security against potential threats. Their efficiency and expertise ensured a seamless transition, and we now have peace of mind knowing our network is well-protected.

Patty Hale Property Manager
Emerald Pointe Apartments

Swift and Efficient Security with Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity is a pivotal facet of your business and an integral part of managed IT services. Don’t grapple with the complexities alone. Far Out Solutions boasts the expertise, infrastructure, and best practices to fortify your business. 

Our managed services platform empowers you to dynamically enhance security and compliance. We ensure top-tier protection for your employees, customers, and vendors through basic to advanced programs. 

Ensuring protection with a proactive approach

Far Out Solutions adopts a proactive, strategic stance towards cybersecurity, devising scalable solutions aligned with your compliance requirements and risk tolerance. This strategic framework provides heightened protection, complemented by a customized business case that fits your technology budget. 

Your business encounters cyber threats, malware attacks, and ransomware daily. That’s why we offer multiple tiers of security monitoring, management scanning, and troubleshooting, ensuring the safety, security, and optimization of your operations.

Our Method for Detecting and Preventing Threats

We employ a multi-layered approach to detect and prevent threats at every organizational level. We initiate by comprehending your organization’s IT landscape, compliance needs, and risk tolerance. This allows us to craft a cybersecurity strategy tailored to your specific requirements and financial boundaries. 

Our managed cybersecurity services encompass everything from basic internet security and content filtering to advanced measures like mobile device management, network policies & procedures, security awareness training, and incident response services. Our proactive strategy involves continuous monitoring of your systems and networks, enabling us to preemptively neutralize threats before they impact your business. Furthermore, we prioritize education by offering comprehensive security awareness training to ensure your team can identify and prevent potential cybersecurity incidents. 

With Far Out Solutions, you benefit from an experienced and dedicated team that's on top of all the latest cybersecurity best practices, ensuring the safety and continuation of your business operations.

The Comprehensive Range of Far Out Solutions Managed Cybersecurity

Far Out Solutions Managed Cybersecurity Standard (Baseline for every partnering organization):

  • Internet Security & Content Filtering
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Email Filtering
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Network Antivirus & Antimalware
  • Network Firewall

Far Out Solutions Managed Cybersecurity Extended (For advanced business needs):

  • Website Security
  • Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Network Policies & Procedures
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Managed Detection Response
  • Incident Response Services

Far Out Solutions Managed Cybersecurity Compliance (For organizations with compliance needs)::

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • Penetration Testing
  • IT Assessments
  • NIST Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Phishing Tests & Reports
  • Dark Web Scans
  • Log Aggregation
  • Device Encryption
  • Email Archiving
  • Email Encryption
  • Additional Cybersecurity Managed Services (including Cloud Security, DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall, Micro-segmentation, Workload Protection, Compromise Detection, Compliance, DevSecOps Model, Domain Security)

Securing Your Business with Tailored Strategies

Modern businesses demand proactive and comprehensive security measures to protect their digital assets.

Understanding each business's unique vulnerabilities, we advocate for tailored cybersecurity strategies that combine technical and non-technical measures

This approach ensures robust defense against potential cyber threats, enhancing resilience against DDoS attacks, malware infestations, and phishing scams.

Whether you operate in property management,manufacturing, healthcare, or non-profit sectors, our specialized solutions align with your compliance requirements and risk tolerance. Our aim is to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape, guaranteeing the safety, security, and optimization of your operations. This approach not only fortifies against current threats but also equips your business to navigate future cybersecurity challenges effectively.

Get started with a Discovery Session

We eagerly anticipate learning about your organization, sharing our process, and delivering value with expert IT services. Above all, we’re here to help.