The Challenge:

  • Crafting a tech blueprint: Riverfront Everett required expert guidance in overseeing and leading their IT buildout and managing their IT operations. They sought a technology partner with a strong history in the construction industry and network expertise that was capable of meeting the demands of a digital workplace and providing solutions for multi-tenant living environments.
  • Inter-building wireless connectivity: With six buildings in total, Riverfront realized the need for a seamless, secure network supporting both employees and tenants while also seeking to keep their IT costs as low as possible.
  • Building a futuristic community theater: Delivering a top-tier audio-visual theater experience was a priority. Riverfront sought a vendor experienced in connecting sophisticated audio systems and automation via iPad control.

The Solution:

  • Leveraging Far Out Solutions' CTO services: Proved most effective for Riverfront Everett. With over 20 years of IT infrastructure expertise, their technology continuously receives meticulous care and proactive round-the-clock monitoring.
  • Comprehensive technology implementation: Far Out Solutions ensured seamless connectivity for networks, computers, and systems across all buildings, from the theater to printers and computers.
  • As Riverfront Everett's Managed Service Provider: FOS provides 24/7 monitoring, quick issue resolution, and enhanced flexibility and security to their work environment.

The Return:

  • Enhanced Resident Experience: The implemented 13.2.1 home theater system significantly enriched resident entertainment, offering high-quality audio and visual setups controlled conveniently through automation.
  • Cost Savings through Technology: Site-to-site wireless connections between buildings led to substantial cost savings by eliminating monthly recurring fees, and showcasing an efficient and economical tech solution.
  • Robust Network Infrastructure: With over 20+ years of experience, Far Out Solutions designed network infrastructure and security measures to ensure seamless connectivity and set a strong foundation for future technological advancements, boosting property value and market competitiveness for years to come.
  • Streamlined Operations: Provision of essential technology hardware optimized operational efficiency for management and staff, facilitating smoother day-to-day operations.

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