Harness the power of cloud computing and collaboration for your workplace

Choosing the appropriate Microsoft 365 plan empowers businesses to enhance productivity and security through leading Microsoft Office applications, AI features, and specialized cloud services. Tailored to meet your specific business requirements, our services match this comprehensive suite to deliver state-of-the-art tools precisely as your business demands.

Far Out Solutions’ Microsoft 365 managed services take the weight off managing Microsoft 365 programs across your technology environment – allowing you the peace of mind knowing your data is secure, compliant, and accessible.

Security to Minimize Your Risk from Cyber Attacks

By harnessing Microsoft 365(M365) managed services, you have access to security experts who will tailor and adjust your security settings to fit specifically to your business needs. Deploying the correct security configurations will reduce the risk of cyber-attacks – such as ransomware, and malware, and allow your hybrid or remote workforce to work securely and without disruptions.

Microsoft 365 support, around the clock

Continuous end-user technical support for Microsoft 365, delivered by certified experts available round-the-clock, 24/7, 365. Alleviate your team's operational load and enhance productivity by having dedicated professionals troubleshoot and resolve issues promptly, boasting urgent response times as quick as 2 minutes.

Streamline Microsoft 365 With Managed Services

Supercharge your productivity and get the most out of your Microsoft 365 investment. Our team of M365 specialists is here to help you accomplish more through proactive management, bolster your protection against cyber threats and data breaches, and liberate your team from administrative burdens and Microsoft 365 support.

Experience the power and security of Microsoft 365

At Far Out Solutions, our Managed Microsoft 365 solution guarantees a seamless experience for your entire organization. We specialize in migrating and supporting M365, tailoring it specifically to your environment and crafting the ideal solution for your business. Through our Secure Workforce support, we adeptly manage and configure top-notch security policies, fortifying your defenses against cyber threats and data loss.

Rest assured, we ensure your solution adheres to best practices while maintaining optimal security measures, regardless of whether you acquire your M365 licenses through us or bring your own.

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) overseeing numerous seats, we provide comprehensive, all-in-one support. Far Out Solutions is here to maximize your M365 investment through:

  • Design and architecture
  • Migration and administration
  • 24x7 Help Desk Services
  • Advanced security management

Work with Microsoft 365 experts

Enhance productivity and reduce risk of cyberthreats with Managed Microsoft 365 Services. We are the premier Microsoft Cloud Solution provider focused on delivering seamless and secure solutions for businesses with