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Proactive and reliable IT support for businesses

In the fast-paced digital realm of today, small business owners grapple with constant technological changes. Far Out Solutions, your dedicated IT consultants, and problem-solvers, offer a seamless pathway to conquer challenges and optimize productivity. Our solutions are meticulously tailored to cater specifically to the unique needs of small businesses, encompassing a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services.

At Far Out Solutions, we bring unmatched technical prowess in cybersecurity, managed IT services, laptop repair, network services, Wi-Fi, voice-over-IP, and much more. Our cutting-edge solutions operate tirelessly, 24/7, supported by an indispensable help desk system and technicians with over 500 years of experience combined. We understand the urgency of restoring your business tech to peak performance, and with both onsite services and remote IT support, we ensure the safety, security, and optimal functionality of small businesses' tech infrastructure.

Understanding the distinctive needs of small business owners is ingrained in our philosophy. As integral members of the local business community, we empathize with the challenges you face and comprehend your true desires. Our mission is to deliver hands-on, localized support you can rely on. We're not just service providers; we are like-minded individuals who live, work, and thrive in the same community as you. Consequently, our commitment to fostering success for small business owners directly contributes to fortifying the strength of our larger community.

Let's navigate the technological landscape together and unlock the potential of your small business. Trust Far Out Solutions for tailored IT solutions that elevate your business to new heights while bolstering our community at large.

A Comprehensive Suite of IT Solutions for Small Businesses

Modern organizations rely on their technology to stay running and can’t afford to have a network or system go down. Encountering common issues often calls for straightforward solutions, yet at times, complexities might arise. Whether you're facing routine problems or navigating through intricate challenges, our business IT support stands ready. Rest assured, we're dedicated to seamlessly managing your IT, hardware, and software, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

We prioritize strategic partnerships with our clients, working to analyze, engineer, and manage all technology necessary for your optimum business success. Reach out today to get started on your digital transformation.

  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Managed IT Services
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Network Infrastructure Setup and Management
  • Hardware and Software Support
  • Remote IT Support
  • Compliance and Regulatory Support
  • IT Consulting and Strategy
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • AI and Automation Integration
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Integration
  • Tech Training and Education
  • Vendor Management

We provide peace of mind to your business through outsourced IT solutions

Our tailored business IT solutions provide:

  • A specialized team of tech experts attuned to your business's unique technology requirements
  • Dependable safeguarding through our Total Backup Solution and Total Internet Security Solutions
  • On-site IT assistance via pre-scheduled visits, ensuring a proactive approach to support
  • Exclusive pricing for comprehensive hardware and software support, simplifying your business IT needs
  • Extensive onboarding service, including a thorough infrastructure assessment
  • Streamlined IT management via a singular point of contact for efficient operations

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Clients trust us with their Managed IT

“Whether it’s Network, Email, or Printers, They go the Extra Mile.”

We have been working with FOS for the last 8 years and they are a pleasure to work with.  They are very responsive and follow up regularly on tickets to ensure everything has been handled to our satisfaction.  Their associates are polite and they care about our company.  Whether they are dropping our low voltage, building out a network, helping our team with email, cell phones, copiers or computers, they go the extra mile to make everything right!

Joanie Williams Joanie Williams Principal & CFO
Watercrest Senior Living

“Exceptional Service! Consistently Impressed by Far Out Solutions Prompt Responses And Top Tier Support”

I’ve contacted Far Out Solutions multiple times and their prompt responses and top-tier support have consistently impressed me. As someone not well-versed in computers, I value their ability to either remotely troubleshoot my computer or send an on-site technician for diagnosis. Exceptional service!

Natalia Campos Avila Natalia Avila Assistant Property Manager
Rhapsody Property Management Services

“Thanks to Far Out Solutions, We Had An Easy Transition To Enhanced Wi-Fi Security And Now Have Peace of Mind Knowing Our Network Is Well Protected”

Far Out Solutions did a quick and thorough job upgrading our Wi-Fi system from WPA2 to WPA3, enhancing our security against potential threats. Their efficiency and expertise ensured a seamless transition, and we now have peace of mind knowing our network is well-protected.

Patty Hale Property Manager
Emerald Pointe Apartments