The Challenge:

LCC has partnered exclusively with Far Out Solutions for comprehensive network and IT support services, including complete preventative maintenance and remote support of their all infrastructure - servers, switches, and routers. Though satisfied, LCC’s network hardware and infrastructure was inevitably aging, servers were slowing, and they lacked the Wi-fi reach necessary for resident and employee satisfaction. Upon inspection, all things pointed to a necessary network upgrade to ensure the best for their business operations and security. So, the question for FOS became “How do we upgrade their network, increase security, and enable IT scalability?”

The Solution:

After weighing the pros and cons of different network setups, LCC’s desire for heightened security and increased network reach resulted in FOS upgrading them to a UniFi network. UniFi’s community of switches, routers, controller devices, and access control products, are ideal for the corporate setwork since the Unifi network controller manages all the equipment in the UNIFI network. The best part of the Unifi network is that its controller can be hosted online, giving FOS online access to the network to manage the Unifi devices and the connected client so can handle most of the operations remotely.

The Return:

LCC quickly benefitted after transitioning to the UniFi network. The upgraded network proved to be an ideal environment for the apartment's business operations and IT infrastructure. With UniFi, they have a reduced operating and hardware cost, increased security, and network reach, and now FOS can connect to their networks for service easily over the cloud. This allows for enhanced data protection, and a seamless transition for all end users. Further, FOS provides a modern server infrastructure and unlimited scalable resources as well as support from the ITS help desk, ultimately providing a huge boost to productivity and more predictable annual IT support costs over previous IT setups.


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