Phoenix, Arizona, December 5-6, 2023 - Far Out Solutions, a trailblazer in workplace excellence, proudly secures the #4 position in the esteemed Best Places to Work Multifamily® rankings, a recognition presented by Multifamily Leadership.

In a dazzling display of achievement, this prestigious accolade was unveiled at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit in Phoenix, AZ, held on December 5-6, 2023. The event not only marked a celebration of success but also served as a valuable platform for industry leaders to actively participate in the Multifamily Innovation® Showcase. This unique opportunity fostered connections and facilitated the exchange of insights among multifamily executives.

The multifamily sector, a powerhouse contributing over $3.4 trillion annually to the economy and supporting over 17.5 million jobs, stands as a cornerstone of economic vitality. Recognized for its role in promoting an economically sound lifestyle, apartment living continues to drive job growth and community development.

The Best Places to Work Multifamily® initiative spotlights companies that go above and beyond in cultivating exceptional workplace cultures. As the multifamily landscape evolves, a laser focus on resident experience and employee engagement emerges as pivotal for navigating challenges and ensuring sustained growth.

These rankings stem from a rigorous evaluation process, delving into company policies, employee satisfaction, and engagement levels. Positioned within a broader strategy, this initiative aims to champion industry-wide excellence and attract future leaders to the multifamily sphere.

Patrick Antrim, the Founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, underscores the significance of employee engagement as a paramount performance indicator, often surpassing traditional metrics like company size. Engaged employees consistently exhibit heightened productivity, contributing to a more dynamic organizational environment.

Antrim asserts, "The new era of leadership in the multifamily industry is defined by a commitment to making a positive societal impact. It's about understanding and aligning with the company's mission and vision, an alignment that is increasingly vital as businesses are called upon to shoulder greater societal responsibilities. The Best Places to Work Multifamily® honorees lead this movement, poised to shape the future with a stronger, more influential voice.”

Even beyond the list, the program extends its benefits to participants through a comprehensive “Insights Report.” This report, featuring a summary of employee feedback and the "Multifamily Leadership Benchmark Report," stands as a valuable tool for companies seeking to elevate their workplace culture.

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