Cyber-attacks continue to impact small businesses and are surging in frequency, strength, and complexity – with 90% of them beginning with a phishing attempt.

Learn from our lead email security expert as we uncover the newest research and data on the active security threats targeting your business and get actionable insights on the best practices you can take to ensure your organization’s security in 2024.

In this session, you will:

  • Understand what phishing is and the dangers it poses to your business
  • Explore the scope of this email security threat with the latest research and data
  • Learn about rising threats, like vishing and QR codes, plus 5 other ways cybercriminals use phishing to trick you
  • Get practical tips and best practices to protect your organization
  • Understand the drivers of the phishing threat landscape – from worldwide events to the biggest breaches and takedowns

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Philip McGrew,
Supervisor, Far Out Solutions

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