Migration Service

Email Migration Service 

If you want to take advantage of our managed email services, but are concerned about the potential costs and pitfalls of migration then it’s time to talk to one of our specialists.

Our in house migration capabilities include:

* Providing a quick and efficient transition to our Managed Exchange Platform

* Moving your Email and messaging infrastructure to Far Out Solutions

* Consolidating multiple Exchange or similar legacy platforms into our single solution

*  Upgrading from single POP or web mail platforms to our cost-effective managed solution

* Comprehensive Planning and Execution

Mail migration means more than just installing new versions of software. A Managed Email migration doesn’t just move you to the latest messaging platform; it helps you move to a messaging solution that scales to your needs, maximizes efficiency, and reduces costs.

We work with you and create a detailed migration plan, then once completed we’ll perform your migration, including complete testing to ensure that everything is working as planned.

Application Migration Service 

Far Out Solutions’ Application Migration solutions are tailored to help organizations deal with migrating applications to the cloud. We address issues wherein applications span multiple databases, languages and different systems and offer migration solutions that allow seamless migration of applications from one environment to another. Through our migration solutions, we enable organizations to manage and structure their IT architecture and thereby, minimize their IT investments and enhance business performance.

Our migration solutions contain Database migration, Language migration, and OS migration. We provide pre and post migration support and ensure that the migration process is a smooth transition from one platform to another without any undue performance lapse or process stagnation. Combining our systems knowledge with migration expertise, we utilize the best-of-breed technology to migrate mainframe applications to distributed client/server or web-enabled systems.

Data Migration Service 

Far Out Solutions’ Data Migration is the process of moving data from one or more locations into a target application. Data migration should not simply involve moving an data; it should also be an opportunity for evaluating and improving data quality, which can have a critical impact on a large system rollout as well as on the business itself beyond a Go Live event.

* Ensuring that only the right data is loaded and that all the required data is available

* Eliminating costly overruns from duplicate or inaccurate data
* Downplaying the risk associated with moving from a legacy system to a new application
* Achieving the promised and desired return on investment (ROI) for the new application
* Decision making that is accurate because of the integrity of good data
* Data that is immediately actionable from the Go-Live event and beyond

Database Migration Service 

Far Out Solutions’ database migration services helps you move data between storage systems, we plan and execute the migration project. Far Out Solutions’ has the expertise to help you overcome the obstacles with database migration project, such as time, cost, application downtime, and loss of productivity.

Our customers tend to be either small or medium size businesses who have outgrown holding their data on spreadsheet applications or departments within larger organizations who require a specific task performing that is unique within their organization and can not be met by their existing IT resources.

Our database migration service uses the most innovative Extraction, Transformation and Load solutions to allow easy migration of data, schema and procedures across multiple databases. Data migration can be carried out either as a one-off exercise, or can be defined to allow regular updates of information from one database to another.