Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Integrating communications to optimize business performance.

If you are looking for ways to significantly increase the productivity and enhance collaboration – you should consider our Unified Communications solutions. We can help you provide a seamless flow between the work users do and the people they need to connect with to get that work done. Our Unified Communications services are designed to dramatically improve how you communicate and collaborate with the outside world.  Our Unified Communications services focus on two valuable business solutions:

VoIP Telephone Systems

A Comprehensive Business Solution With Flexible Financing Options

We understand the importance of cash flow. This is why we always provide our clients with the option of financing their acquisition of a VoIP system.  We give you access to smart and flexible leasing options that allow clients to spread the cost over 60 months or less.  The leasing options also allow our clients to upgrade their VoIP solution at anytime without incurring additional costs.  To find out more about the financing options we can provide or to schedule a VoIP system demo, please contact us.

HD Video Conferencing 

Shrink time, shorten distances, and save money with HD Video Conferencing.
When it comes to productivity and cost savings, very few technology solutions can compete with Video Conferencing. It provides an incredible capacity to higher productivity, better engagement, reduced travel, more time to make decisions, and enhanced business relationships. LifeSize Communications is a world leader in high definition video communications and telepresence. LifeSize introduced the world to HD video communications.  Founded in 2003, LifeSize pioneered high definition video communications to make communicating at a distance as natural and effective as being in the same room, for anyone, anywhere.

Want to Learn More About LifeSize’s HD Video Conferencing Solutions?

  We welcome the opportunity to give you more information about LifeSize and the various solutions they have.  We can also schedule a demo for you in our conference room.

Why Far Out Solutions For Your LifeSize HD Video Conferencing Needs?

We are an experienced IT Support and Management company.  We are experts in deploying and managing complex IT networks.  These qualifications give Far Out Solutions a leg up on the competition when deploying an HD Video Conferencing system in your IT network.  We are also experts in supporting users.  We have close to a decade of experience in providing responsive and consistent user support services.  You can take comfort in knowing that we have the infrastructure and operational experience to fully support the needs of your users after the system has been deployed.