Messaging & Collaboration

Microsoft Exchange in Messaging and Collaboration

Microsoft Exchange, one of the most widely used platforms for messaging and collaboration services is a core part of support messaging services provided by Far Out Solutions. We provide full-fledged assistance on several issues regarding this popular technology.

Why select Microsoft Exchange?

The most common question that will hit you at the initial level is despite having so many sophisticated technologies available for messaging and collaboration purpose why should one look for Microsoft Exchange? It is due to the fact that Exchange provides the best business class email facility and communication service that is absolutely essential in today’s corporate world. For a cloud based email environment essential for IT organization Microsoft Exchange is proved to be the best of all. Regarding the collaboration services which means collective effort of multiple techniques such as SharePoint and Office Communication Server provides you complete collaborative package for on-premises and cloud based solution.

Messaging benefits of Microsoft Exchange

  • A world class email and messaging platform
  • Robust security in fighting against spam emails, virus etc
  • MS SharePoint allows to share office documents on internet
  • Advance video conferencing, speech recognition technologies

Support for Messaging and Collaboration

To reap the advantage of Messaging and Collaboration by applying the Exchange Server, premium IT support is obvious. You may find thousands of companies providing solution in this respect but to choose the right one is really matter of concern. Regarding Far Out Solutions, we provide a clear idea about our services, support facilities and charges to wipe out any doubt between us and our clients. This is indeed essential for creating a trustable relationship in view of corporate ethics. The section below will offer you the correct scenario of our technical assistance:

  • Complete guidance on installation and configuration of Exchange Server and solutions on issues faced during this phase.
  • Result oriented solution on problems related with updating and migrating Microsoft Exchange.
  • Solving Monitoring and messaging errors faced by IT professionals
  • Detailed consulting on maintaining email security and threat protection
  • Providing support on setting up of robust fault tolerance messaging system, restore and backup techniques.
  • Efficient guidance on Exchange Collaboration services and full consulting support on issues arising out of the same.

Our services run for 24 * 7 * 365 days and you can communicate us over net or by phone. Far Out Solutions experts deal with the clients directly so that critical issues can be handled with an ease. Being a continuous service provider you are welcome to call us any time. We can guarantee you that all your technical complications will be entertained with utmost priority so that a worthy solution can be obtained. So, stop draining out you valuable time and energy in search of an authentic IT Support Provider, when Far Out Solutions is in this field.

Lync Server

One of the latest technologies provided by Microsoft and is especially designed for enhancing real-time communication. Get the best idea regarding this technology with Far Out Solutions.

Why choose Lync Server?

With the expansion of business activities of any organization it has become more and more necessary to keep proper tack of file transfer, video calling, mobile devices and most importantly instant messaging. Lync Server is perhaps the best solution for managing these activities in a systematic manner thereby improving the management infrastructure and enhancing the integrity among existing systems. In a word, this is an all-in-one server technology proving to be highly cost effective and time squeezing one.

Benefits of Lync Server

  • Extensive support of .NET applications
  • Better mobility between frequently used applications
  • Integrated with active directory & MS Exchange server
  • Efficient access to vedio, messaging, voice & web conferencing

Support on Lync Server

Ever since the Lync technology is in the market IT heads are constantly looking for updated information and end to end support to reap optimum benefits from this concept. Being a new thought the pros and con of this technique is quite vague to corporate world. Based on this fact you definitely need the support of efficient expertise who can guide you in the right direction.

Our talented engineers will provide you the configuration details and the necessary physical requirements for setting up and installing the Lync Server. We encourage clients for availing our uninterrupted calling facility where they can seek solution on critical issues with direct help from our certified technicians. Moreover, our live chat option is equally efficient in connecting end users with our engineers.

We are an IT firm that believes in establishing trustable and ethical relationship with business organization in the long run.

Unified Communications

Unified Communication is one of those latest technologies which is our area of expertise. With Far Out Solutions your real time communication mechanism is going to be redefined.

What’s the technology all about?

The concept of Unified Communication actually reflects combination techniques for communicating with people in the corporate field. UC includes techniques such as instant messaging, video and voice conferencing, speech recognition, presence information and even more. Technically it is a collaboration of services those are placed in a single thread to offer a new horizon in the field of real time communication.

Basis of UC

Basically Unified Communication takes care of those services which use the TCP/IP network. It enables two people to communicate between each other despite of having two different platforms. This simply indicates integration of various medium of communication is now globally possible.

Benefits of Unified Communication

  • Facility to communicate with a single access point
  • Extremely beneficial for online business transactions
  • UC offers multimedia services via SMS, video or audio clips
  • Web information delivery services for faster Communication

UC Support

Providing support on Unified communication is considered as one of the complex subjects in the world of real time technology. As UC includes several means of communication such as instant messaging, video conferencing, presence information, speech recognition and many more, one must opt for an IT service provider who is superb in dealing with all the mechanisms of this service. That’s why you should go for Far Out Solutions help and support which can offer remarkable solution exactly suitable for your technical environment.

Our engineers can show the right way to get optimum benefit from this technique and utilizing the same to maximize profitability of your organization. Besides, our industry leading talents can offer you detail specification, application and configuration of each and every technique of Unified Communication.

In a word, all your queries will be answered when you have Far Out Solutions as your support partner. Our any time calling and chatting facility is especially designed to serve global clients in their suitable timing. Our aim is client satisfaction and we try our best to reach the climax. Call us or contact us and redefine your communication system for better agility and scalable performance.

3cx (IP PBX)

With Far Out Solutions explore the latest fashion of Information Technology, the 3CX Phone System. Moreover get the best assistance for using and break fixing the issues of this technique from our world class experts.

What is meant by 3cx?

The technological specification of 3CX solely originates on the Private Branch Exchange mechanism and can be installed in a Windows platform. It is actually a software that is quite compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook Express and stands on Session Initiation Protocol.

Key features of 3cx

  • BLF key configuration
  • 3CX can be configured manually
  • Excellent queue monitoring technique
  • Act as presence monitor along with DeskPhone

Areas of advantage

  • As stated above the latest 3CX phone is capable to hide external caller ID which benefits the user to keep their information secret to other users. Once you enable this feature calls made from your phone will be received as coming from private numbers at the other end.
  • Enables you to configure the phone settings via web or GUI interface
  • Since this technology is actually a software it can be maintained by anyone having good knowledge of networking thus eliminating the need for a professional PBX phone expert.
  • Standing on a SIP technology enables the phone to be integrated with any SIP hardware and software phone with IP PBX, VOIP provider or PSTN
  • One of the greatest benefits of using 3CX technology is its cost effectiveness. Being a software it can be easily updated and improved in almost no cost.
  • The dial code verification provides user with facility of less dialing errors while making a call.
  • Eliminates the need of re-patching the phone system like traditional PBX whenever you shift to new location
  • Facilitates employees to connect him with other co-partners while working from home.
  • Enables to divert calls globally


Far Out Solutions’ support on 3CX has been well appreciated by the IT and corporate giants. We provide complete knowledge on 3CX software and help in fixing issues related with the same. Our experts are efficient in dealing with the successful up-gradation of the hardware and phone software, compatibility with latest web interface and operating system such as Windows XP and Vista and other numerous issues. In fact with Far Out Solutions you can be the master of the 3CX technology and modify it as per your requirements. Our never sleeping networking service is essentially designed for global as well as home clients to offer excellent IT solutions to technical heads and Managed Service Providers.

Our 24 hours on call facility provides you result oriented solution offered by talented engineers. In a word, we can provide you ultimate support which is bound to prove appropriate in all respect.