Monitoring & Managed Services List


We are watching your network, even when you are not!

Far Out Solutions employs robust network monitoring tools that serve as your eyes-and-ears, alerting you to any issues related to your network, including monitoring and reporting of server uptime and downtime, hard disk space, critical services & event log monitoring, and much more.

For businesses that need enterprise-level network monitoring capabilities, Far Out Solutions offers highly-customizable monitoring tools with even more granular reporting options and features than our standard monitoring services.

Monitoring and Managed Services

Rapid developments in the technological world, the emergence of several advance mechanisms and the need to maintain and manage the same in a methodical way has encouraged IT administrators to search for authentic Managed Service Providers.

Over the years Far Out Solutions has proved its expertise in serving clients and delivering leveled Managed Service including Monitoring in a 24/7 environment.

Our extensive support will ensure smooth running of your servers, client machines, printers, networking systems and optimum security for business scalability.

Our Network Monitoring Service for physical and virtual atmospheres ensures enhanced performance of application services, databases, routers and firewalls.

Choosing Far Out Solutions for managing your IT infrastructure essentially means a substantial reduction in your company’s overall cost, operational efficiency of physical devices and increase in data security. your technical issues will be taken care of by our expert hands.

Monitored and Managed Services provided by Far Out Solutions:

  • Around the clock support service for Servers and Desktops
  • Managing Patch updates and installation on Servers and Client Machines
  • Performance tuning
  • Ensuring optimum network mobility
  • Ensuring high quality security management and preventive measures
  • Identity management
  • Optimum support on alteration of configuration to maintain technical integrity with the existing system
  • Support for authentic Script Management
  • Asset management and checking the compatibility of a new technology before installation
  • Efficient Event Log monitoring and constant reporting on critical alters
  • 24/7 monitoring of Web Server, Virtual Servers, Windows Server, Exchange Servers, DNS and DHCP protocols
  • Monitoring your Active Directory, processors, disk usage and memory utilization
  • Monitoring efficient performance of firewalls and routers