IT Service Management

IT Support & Management

What is IT Service Management?

IT Service Management is the process and framework used by a provider to manage the implementation and evolution of its’ IT Services.

A good IT management approach combines industry best practices, qualified staff, and technology tools.  The goal of IT Service Management is to ensure that all IT Services are delivered on time and that clients receive responsive and consistent services.

Why is it so Important?

Have you ever wondered what is going on with your IT infrastructure? Do you feel like you do not know what is going on with IT? Have you ever been frustrated by inconsistent services? If you answer yes to any of these questions then chances are that your IT service provider is not managing its service properly. IT Support and Management is very complex. It involves thousands of tasks implemented by various engineers and technicians over a long period of time.  The lack of a comprehensive service management framework can have severe consequences for your organization. That is why we believe that a robust management approach is critical.  It is an effective way to ensure that your experience is consistent and that proactive services such as server maintenance and security management are implemented in a timely and consistent manner.

If you could design your own IT Service, what would it look like?

An IT Support and Management solution should be designed around your needs.  At the end of the day, it’s about leveraging the human element and technology best practices to provide you with a reliable, responsive, transparent and consistent IT service.

A Simple IT Solution

Technology might be complex…but your IT Service should be simple.

That’s the way we see it. In fact, all the people we talk to agree:  just because your IT Network is complex doesn’t mean that your IT Support and Management solution should be a hassle.  Quite to the contrary, we believe that the best IT Services should provide a simple and pleasant experience for clients.

We keep it simple by focusing on the basics:  provide a comprehensive service at a reasonable price and focus on traditional business terms such as client communication, service management and customer satisfaction.  We only make it look simple because we’ve been perfecting the model for almost a decade!

IT Management Approach.

The most critical part of an IT Service is the Service Management.

Technology alone is NOT the answer.

We believe that the most important aspect of an IT Support and Management solution is how the service is being managed by the provider.  This belief is fundamentally what makes Far Out Solutions  a very different IT service provider and why our IT Solution is so different and successful
Driven By Your Mission – Motivated By Your Satisfaction
Everything we do is based on one fundamental belief: technology is a game changer – a powerful tool that significantly helps our clients achieve their mission.

Driven By Your Mission – Motivated By Your Satisfaction

As your IT Department, it is our goal to make sure that you can fully leverage it.  We understand the significance of the responsibilities that our clients place in us.  Our services extend beyond traditional IT Support and Management.  We know that for every user that we support, for every network that we proactively manage, or for every server that we monitor, we help you achieve your mission.  This is what motivates us!

Our Unique Approach

Our service management approach makes our IT Support and Management solution look simple.  We have developed a very unique service management framework that keeps you informed from the very beginning.  We clearly show you what work we do, when we do it, and what it means for the overall health of your IT infrastructure.  Our IT Service Management is very effective and transparent. This means that you benefit from responsive and consistent service. More importantly, you no longer have to worry about whether or not your network is being proactively managed.  To find out more about our unique approach, please contact us.

The IT Services that form the core of our comprehensive IT Support and Management solution work in concert to provide you with the perfect balance. They are all designed using industry best practices, effective management, highly certified staff and the best technology tools. At the end of the day, this means that you benefit from an affordable, world class outsourced IT Department – a true Enterprise Service traditionally reserved for larger companies with significant IT budgets.