TV Lift Cabinets

The Finest TV Lift Cabinets Ever Made

Luxury home theater cabinets, handcrafted from exotic woods, featuring “smart cabinet” technologyTV Lift Cabinet is one of the best and easiest ways to add a TV Lift to your home. It can be hard to find the right TV Lift Furniture but here at Far Out Solutions we have a full suite of TV Lift Cabinets in all styles to match the existing furnishings in your home. Our TV Lift Furniture is priced right and our cabinets come standard with:

  • Prewired, hidden HDMI Cables for your TV and AV Components (not on classic cabinets)
  • Multi-function remote with digital display to reduce clutter (not on classic cabinets)

TV lift products can usually be separated into 3 product categories; standard TV lifts, drop down TV lifts and specialty products such as “hidden storage lifts”. With such a full line of quiet, reliable motorized lifting solutions, Far Out Solutions has quickly become the leader in hidden TV’s and other concealment systems for the home and office. Far Out Solutions provides and a library of helpful instructions, videos and diagrams that will make creating your customized “pop up” TV, hidden bar, hidden gun safe, pop-up appliance garage, and just about anything else you can dream of a reality. So whether you want to hide the TV or conceal the coffee maker, we’ve got you covered. Click on one of the concealment product categories above to find out which lift system is right for your project!