Chiropractic Billing Software

Chiropractic Billing Software

Far Out Solutions is your online one-stop source for locating billing software for your chiropractic office. Our extensive directory of chiropractic billing software providers is one of the largest on the web. Choosing the right software for your office can be a difficult one considering the extensive number of vendors offering applications.  Some of the software vendors featured in our directory have been around for many years, while others are relatively new to the chiropractic industry. Many of the chiropractors who visit this site may already have a specific billing software in mind. They may have heard from colleagues that “all” or “most” chiropractors use “X” brand software, or that “Y” brand software is the best because they have been around for 20 plus years.

Just because a specific software application is popular among chiropractors, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for your office. Many of the “older” software vendors have been reluctant to embrace and incorporate new technologies into their products. Advances in technology have led to considerable improvements in the features and functionality of chiropractic billing applications. Many of the newer companies have developed their systems from the ground up and incorporated these newer technologies into their products, Many of the older generation software applications are trying to play catch up or choose to not implement these technologies into their product due to cost or product stability.

One of the most interesting and important developments in recent years has been the addition of electronic billing to many chiropractic software applications. Electronic billing is fast, efficient, and secure. It cuts down on many of the costs associated with traditional billing such as paper, postage, and staff resources while improving the turnaround time on payments significantly. Traditional paper claims can take more than a month to process and receive payment. If a mistake was made, the claim is returned and must be resent – costing additional time and expense. Even worse, the insurance company may state they never received the claim and that it got lost in the mail. These problems are eliminated with electronic claim filing. With just a few clicks, claims are sent off to a clearinghouse or to individual carriers for processing. If there is an error, the provider is notified immediately and the claim can be resubmitted free of charge. Many of the newer chiropractic billing software applications are even capable of checking the status of electronic claims and providing the doctor with real-time feedback.

What you may have noticed in your search for billing software is that it has become increasingly more difficult these days to find vendors offering dedicated billing software. Most companies are now offering billing modules as part of their chiropractic practice management systems. This helps to save the chiropractic office a considerable amount of time as charges, appointments, and notes can be entered simultaneously. Next, we will turn our attention to web-based billing applications.

Chiropractic Billing Software – Web Based

For chiropractors who are reluctant or cannot afford to purchase billing software for their office, there is always the option of using an online billing system. Online billing systems tend to have lower front end costs as they do not require the purchase or installation of any special software. The doctor’s office is simply charged a monthly fee to utilize the web-based billing software. Monthly fees can range from $25 – $100 depending on the exact needs of your office. There may also be a set-up or activation fee associated with the service. The problem with online billing software is that you never actually own the software and could end up spending several thousand dollars over the course of a few years. There are no “rent-to-own” programs as with furniture! As you can see, this can become quite an expensive investment for your office. For this reason, we highly recommend avoiding these services unless you are limited financially and need the funds for other purposes. This is usually the situation for new doctors. What you may be surprised to know is that many of the vendors in our directory offer very affordable solutions that literally anyone can afford.

Chiropractors Beware!

There are an increasing number of medical software providers attempting to “cash-in” on the chiropractic industry. Many of these medical software vendors try to disguise their products and websites to appear as if they only serve the chiropractic profession when in reality they sell to every medical specialty willing to purchase their product. As the saying goes, “beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Chiropractic billing procedures and coding are much different than those used by medical professionals. For this reason alone, it’s probably best to stick with a company specializing in chiropractic billing software. This way you can be certain your software will be up to standards associated with the chiropractic profession. One of the first questions you should ask the sales rep is whether or not their company serves other specialties. If the answer is “Yes”, we suggest you proceed with caution.

How Much Should I Spend?

How much you spend on your billing software should be based on your current budget as well as the needs of your office. You can expect to spend in the range of $1,000 – $3,000 for in-house billing software, and $25 – $100 per month for a web-based chiropractic billing service. Again, we recommend you avoid the online billing companies and opt for an in-house solution.

As previously mentioned, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find vendors offering dedicated billing software. Most of the vendors featured in our directory, offer complete practice management systems with billing capabilities. These complete practice management systems make good sense as they are capable of not only handing the billing requirements of your office, but can also help to streamline all office procedures including scheduling, report writing, inventory, and more. Some of the best systems have been developed exclusively for chiropractic offices and run less than $3,000.00.


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