Phone Systems

Phone Systems

With the perfect blend of performance, efficiency and exclusivity, our voice solutions reflect an unwavering commitment to transcending the idea of what a technology company is. Innovation and knowledge are our contributions to creating a premium service for our clients based solely upon keeping your business connected.

Applications on your Mobile Devices

Almost everything that you can do on your pc can now be done on your smart phone. Mobile devices have indeed come a long way since its previews, or should I say ancient ancestors that can only perform calls and 160-character text messages. Now, from designing, creating a simple layout, and even video editing can be processed by your smartphone.

Not all Smartphone are created equal

Just like any other electronic devices there are premium quality devices, and some entry level ones for those consumers that has enough budget for it. Most high-end smartphones can cost anywhere between $1000-$3000, while entry level devices can go as low as $80. As shocking as it may sound, that is the hard truth. These entry level ones of course cannot compete with the high-end devices, I’m simply stating that they do exists, and that people are using it.

Security on your Smartphone

Since your device can perform almost at par with an actual PC or laptop, the threat of getting hacked or getting a virus on your smartphone is not out of the question. In fact, we at Far Out Solutions provide mobile security for your corporate or personal devices. These packages can be added on top of other services that you already have with us. One less thing to worry about when you are browsing, or opening your email, or simply using an app to amuse yourself with a game or two. Far Out solutions top IT team will ensure you mobile is secured whenever you use it.