Executive One-to-One Private Instruction

One-to-One Private Instruction

Executive One-to-One Classrooom or Private Instruction provides busy Executives and Professionals with the expertise, flexibility and privacy to develop and optimize technology specific to their needs. It is easy to set-up and hassle-free.

We’ll design a learning plan specific to your needs.

Executive Training Service provides a time-efficient, cost-effective vehicle for teaching highly-paid executives to use their computers effectively, providing – One-on-one instruction in the convenient and private setting of the executive’s own office, using the executive’s own computer; Sessions tailored to each individual student’s specific needs, ensuring that an executive’s valuable time is devoted exclusively to learning program features he will use; and a private forum in which the beginning student can feel free to ask questions an executive might be reluctant to raise in a larger, public class, including those concerning his own computer.

Sessions can be scheduled before, during and after regular working times.