Tablet Repair Services

Tablet Repair Services

In our technologically advanced world, the idea of portable information and data at our finger tips is not only intriguing; it has become almost become necessary for certain customers. While technology giants have continued to work swiftly to get their customers the most reliable device for on-the-go information, the tablet is one such device that has taken the market by storm. With an array of manufacturers from Apple to Samsung to Google, the tablet is a device that can help you stay connected to both business and personal contacts easier, can help you prepare a presentation while on the go, or can provide you with a platform to share photos and videos with your family and friends. While this device is a non-stop entertainment factor in many people’s lives, it also has its share of issues, which is why it is always handy to keep a close eye on a reliable company that offers tablet repair services.

Top 5 Most Common Tablet Issues

Every individual customer has different demands of their technological devices, especially when it comes to tablets. While most tablet manufacturers have attempted to create tablets that are as easily accessible for each individual, it is no surprise that technological demands grow daily. As tablet manufacturers rush to meet every customer’s needs, there are a few problems that slip through the cracks, including both hardware and software problems. At times, a tablet’s software can fall short of a customer’s needs, or there will be a reoccurring problem with a glitch or hiccup in the system. On the other hand, almost every device is susceptible to physical damage and unfortunately as much as manufacturers attempt to counter this problem, there is no 100% guarantee that you won’t drop your device or get water on it. Let’s take a look at some common tablet problems.

Screen Repair

Tablets were manufactured to allow customers an on-the-go data accessibility experience. With a portable device that is less weighty as a laptop but more efficient than a smart phone, it is understandable that the device will have its fair share of damage, especially when it comes to the screen. Either when transporting a tablet or when in use, there are a multitude of scenarios that can occur to cause your tablet screen some physical damage. At times if it is in your bag or purse, it can get scratched or if it is in your hand, your tablet is prone to being dropped, or if lying around it can be stepped on. If your screen has been cracked, you will definitely need to have it replaced. If there is no immediate physical damage, you may need to check and make sure the device is turning on. You may also need to check if the touch screen is working. If not, you most definitely want to take your device to a professional to have the screen replaced.

Common symptoms:

  • The device’s screen is cracked
  • The device is not turning on
  • The device’s touch screen is not responding

LCD Repair

While the screen of your tablet may seem like one component, there are actually two parts to the screen. The first part is the glass screen, also known as a digitizer, and underneath the glass is an LCD screen which displays all your tablet’s images. If you have dropped your tablet or stepped on it and it is turning on but the display is grainy, or dim, or has lines running across it, you have damaged your LCD. LCD repair is just as complicated, if not more than glass replacement, so it is a good idea to have your device checked out by professionals who can easily diagnose the problem and replace the damaged part of your tablet.

Common symptoms:

  • The device’s display is grainy
  • The device’s display is dim
  • The device’s display has lines running across it

Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common problems when it comes to tablet repair. Whether you drop your tablet into a puddle or drop coffee onto your tablet, your device is prone to water damage, especially if the liquid seeps into the device or battery. Symptoms of water damage are not always immediate, unless you find that you cannot turn your device on after the incident. At times water can seep into your device and can rust, causing your device to malfunction. If water seeps into your battery, then it is at risk of being permanently damaged. It is always a good idea to turn your device off and take out the battery before taking your tablet to a professional who can quickly assess the damage and diagnose the problem. If not dealt with immediately, your device can be prone to internal damage, overheating, etc.

Common symptoms:

  • The device is not turning on
  • The device is heating up

Battery Malfunction

When it comes to high-powered devices such as tablets, battery life is always a problem. With your tablets continuously running programs as well as Wi-Fi, GPS, etc, it is always a good idea to check out your device’s battery life. Chances are, with time and usage, a tablet’s battery starts to drain quicker. At times people think keeping the device plugged in all the time or recharging it often is a solution, but it can actually damage your device or create more issues. If you feel that the battery is not performing up to standard, it is a good idea to take your tablet to some professionals. Often times you may have to replace the battery or you may find that the device is not charging properly. Therefore it’s always more helpful to get the problem diagnosed before trying to fix it yourself.

Common symptoms:

  • The device needs to be charged all the time
  • The device’s battery is not charging at all

Data Loss

Since a tablet is a portable device, there is probably a lot of personal information stored on it which is important and valuable. If your tablet suffers physical damage, malfunctions, or has a glitch, your first concern may be all the data stored on your device. It is extremely important to back up your data or go to professionals who can help you retrieve lost data. It is not always necessary that if your device malfunctions that you will lose your data. Seek help from professional services before you lose any information that is important to you.

Common symptoms:

  • Device does not turn on
  • Screen is blank

Advice on Tablet Repair

Tablets are fragile and powerful devices. While you may want to make a DIY project out of fixing your tablet, it is probably a better idea to let professional tablet repair services handle your device. They are equipped with the tools and experience needed in repairing high-powered and technical devices such as tablets. Avoiding any further damage should always be your first priority when dealing with tablet repair.

How to Get Your Tablet Repaired

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