Service Desk

What is an IT Service Desk?

An IT Service Desk is an initial technical service provided by technically equipped people. Desk.

Why Service Desk?

The primary role of IT Service Desk is to provide support on various issues related to a computer system.

Customers get instant help from technical experts just by calling our Service Center.

Service Desk Support of Far Out Solutions

Service Desk support provided by Far Out Solutions is multifold.

Individual teams consisting of specialized IT Service techs respond to your calls and provide immediate service.

Our server team concentrates on issues like DNS, databases, data storage, network authentication, messaging, handling email accounts, network resources and several others. The Desktop support group we delivers solutions for desktops, laptops and other hardware devices.


  • Smooth performance of entire computer system
  • Networking system for speedy communication and efficient LAN and WAN connection
  • Optimum utilization of real-time communication devices thereby enabling IT administrators to communicate globally with an ease.
  • Enhanced performance with better agility and scalability of existing physical and logical resources
  • Providing employees more space to indulge themselves in productivity by offering a never going down IT infrastructure