Malware & Virus Removal Services

Malware Removal Services

Are you wondering how to protect your PC from deadly malware attacks? Ask Far Out Solutions for an excellent solution to fight against the latest malicious programs. Our guidance will enhance productivity of your machines and give you a hassle free networking system.

What is meant by Malware?

The malware precisely developed for destroying system files, registry information and application software is actually malicious software.  This essentially includes all forms of computer threats such as virus, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits and other deadly programs.

Depending on the type of threat, the intensity of corruption varies from system to system. That’s why it is recommended that you choose expert help in guiding you through and helping you choose the appropriate security product.

Ways to ensure Malware protection

There are three basic ways to secure your PC from malware attack:

  • Install robust up-to-date security software that is capable of arresting and destroying viruses, worms, Trojans and other deadly programs. To block the latest signature threats, we recommend using the latest version of antivirus software
  • Avoid visiting unknown links and URL’s as these are prone to be infected
  • Pat attention to prior alerts from IT professionals of reputed antivirus organizations regarding new threats. These should be taken seriously.

Benefits of Malware Protection:

  • Facilitates with efficient real time monitoring
  • Destroys and deletes corrupted files and folders
  • Generates technical reports for each single computer
  • Secures virtual environment by scanning documents

We’ve all seen it happen:  you or someone you know has downloaded something from the internet that seemed harmless at the time. Next thing you know, the computer has slowed to a crawl. Pop-up advertising starts to appear out of nowhere. Private information gets sent to some company you’ve never heard of. When you try to uninstall the software it makes the problem worse.

There’s a battle raging on your computer to determine who owns your computer. Know thy enemy:

A virus is a self-replicating program that infects a PC and can cause anything from minor problems to permanent data loss. Spyware takes control of your computer and eavesdrops on your behavior without your knowledge or consent, exploiting you for commercial gain or to violate your privacy.

Even if you use anti-virus software and keep it regularly updated (which you should!) there are still some things those programs miss, or can only partially clean. We use several powerful automated and manual removal tools to ensure your system is truly virus and spyware free.

Did You Know?

  • 80% of users’ computers have some form of spyware
  • 67% of users have no antivirus software or don’t update it frequently
  • 89% of users do not know their machine is infected
  • 95% do not give permission for the installation of the spyware

*Statistics from the National Cyber-Security Alliance Survey

Our Service Includes

  • Virus and spyware removal using automated and manual tools
  • Registry infection cleaning (if applicable)
  • Removal of BHO – browser helper objects (if applicable)
  • Advice on how to protect your system from security compromises
  • Software recommendations for anti-virus, anti-spyware & firewall


    • Surf the net confidently, knowing that you have a properly functioning and clean system
    • Avoid data loss and downtime due to an infection
    • Don’t get sold on commercial anti-virus software you don’t need; we will recommend the best solution for your needs

Checklist: What You Need

      • Troublesome, infected computer.

If you’re dropping off your laptop for service, remember both your power cable and the system discs that came with the computer. For service of a desktop PC, just bring your desktop by itself (no cables or accessories) and your system discs. The discs are preferred but not required for service.