IP Surveillance

IP Surveillance

Safety and security are difficult to ensure in today’s world and though we don’t like to think about it, bad things happen. Constantly watch over your property, with alerts in case of an emergency and a detailed record of events that transpire.

When you have IP Surveillance on your side, you have an always active guard protecting the things precious to you. Having a reliable witness is key to protecting your property and right to safety. With IP Surveillance from Far Out Solutions, you can provide your business with remotely accessible surveillance and the reassurance of alerts for motion disturbances, fire, break-ins and other dangerous situations.

Remote Accessibility – Cost Effective – Future Proof 

Maintain Flexibility with Your Security System

IP Surveillance Overview

Protect what you value most

At Far Out Solutions, we help you make the most of network video’s potential to:

  • Protect people, property and assets
  • Optimize processes
  • Improve business efficiency

As a driving force in network video surveillance, we have the resources, expertise and experience to help you use video surveillance to achieve your goals.

Cost-effective and future-proof

Far Out Solutions provides a complete range of solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications. Whether you need a few cameras, or a few thousand, our solutions are easy to install and easy to adapt to changing needs. In short, cost-effective and future-proof.

Benefits of going digital

Far Out Solutions network video solutions offer the following advantages:

Access live video at anytime, from anywhere.

You can access real-time video at any time from any computer anywhere. network video products provide an easy way to capture and distribute high quality video over any kind of IP network or the Internet. The video can be stored at remote locations for convenience and security, and the information can be transported over the LAN or Internet. This means that even companies with several offices across the world can make effective use of a network video solution for security surveillance and remote monitoring purposes.

Put the cameras wherever you want, integrate applications, and leverage your investments.

There are almost no limitations as to where you can place a network video products. They are not tied to physical inputs or frame grabbers and you can connect the product to a LAN, xDSL, modem, wireless adapter or cell phone. Basically wherever you can receive a phone call on your cell phone, you can receive images from an network video solution.

In addition, network video has the capacity to provide a high level of integration with other equipment and functions, making it a continually developing system:

  • Migrating your analog CCTV system into a network video solution – with a network video solution, you can integrate your existing analog system with products that bring it up to speed with the latest IP technology. The solution enables you to take advantage of numerous functionalities such as remote pan/tilt/zoom, Power over Ethernet, wireless, megapixel, audio, motion detection and many more, while meeting your requirements for image quality, recording capabilities and reliability.
  • Integrating applications– A fully integrated network video system can be used for a multitude of applications simultaneously: for instance, access control, building management, point-of-sales systems, ATMs, as well as fire, intruder and visitor management, and so forth.

A system that grows with your needs.

A network video system can be expanded by adding more network cameras. This is just as easily done regardless of whether the new cameras are to be placed at the same site, or at a new location communicating over the Internet. You can choose exactly what you need today, and scale the system at any time to meet your growing needs. New technologies, additional cameras, and extra storage capacity are all easily added as required, thanks to strict adherence to industry standards.

Save money and lower total cost of ownership thanks to strict adherence to industry standards.

Based on open standards, professional network video products run on Ethernet networking. Using standard PC server hardware for video recording and storage rather than proprietary equipment such as DVR’s radically reduces management and equipment costs, particularly for larger systems where storage and servers are a significant portion of the total solution cost. Additional cost savings come from the infrastructure used. IP-based networks such as the Internet, LAN’s and various connection methods such as wireless can be leveraged for other applications across the organization.

Network video products also support a number of advanced technologies such as Power over Ethernet, which provides power to the network camera using the same cable as that used for network connection.

Put the system’s intelligence wherever you need it.

In today’s network video systems, intelligence has been brought into the camera itself. Advanced network cameras can have built-in motion detection and alarm management so the camera decides when to send video, at what frame rate and resolution, and when to alert a specific operator for monitoring and/or response. More intelligent algorithms – number plate recognition, people counting, face recognition – are also being integrated into network cameras. You obtain data in more manageable forms and with higher levels of accuracy. Intelligence at the camera level implies a far more effective means of surveillance than is possible with a DVR or other centralized system.

Safe investments that last well into the future.

Far Out Solutions Technology Service works with the leading manufacturers of IP Surveillance cameras and systems. We can fit the ideal video solution around your needs now and in the future.

Whatever your requirements we have the expertise and the right partners to match them:

    • More than 20 years of combined experience in networking.
    • More than 4 years experience in network video.
    • Recognized as a market leader in IP Surveillance Systems with hundreds of professional network video installations.

Hosted IP Surveillance Services View Your Surveillance From Anywhere, Anytime IPhone and IPAD Compatible What is Far Out Solutions’s Hosted Video Surveillance as a Service?

Hosted Video Surveillance as a Service is a hosted application platform in which Far Out Solutions provides a web based surveillance  application to its clients as a subscription model.

In laymen terms it is a web based DVR / NVR with a simple to use web portal that allows our clients and guests to see their IP surveillance cameras LIVE and  recorded video anytime,  anywhere they have a internet connection  24/7 365days a year . Our system is fully compatible with all Operating Systems  and all web browser applications including I-phone and I-Pad.

With an Internet connection and an Axis camera as the only requirements, you can enjoy a trouble-free monitoring solution over the Internet:

  • Live view, recordings and notifications directly in your browser
  • No need for system software
  • Maintenance and storage are handled by Far Out Solutions as part of your subscription.

With Far Out Solutions Hosted Video Surveillance as a Service (HVSaaS) you will benefit from IP-based surveillance without all the network configuration and hassles.

Far Out Solutions will configure and run all necessary wiring free of charge with all 1. 2 or 3 year subscriptions.

Using IP cameras instead of a CCTV system with DVR means lower installation costs and better image quality.

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Access to live and recorded material from anywhere
  • Safe and secure
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Wide range of network cameras that meet your requirements

Cost-efficient video monitoring for smaller installations 

Far Out Solutions Hosted Video Surveillance as a Service is a monitoring and recording service suitable for typically 1-6 cameras per site. Since there is no need for DVR’s, additional cabling it is an affordable solution for a smaller business or wherever you need to keep an extra eye.   

Ease of installation and trouble-free monitoring 
All that is needed is an Internet connection, an compatible Axis network camera that supports AVHS (AXIS Video Hosting System) and an account with Far Out Solutions. You simply purchase your camera , connect the cameras to your network and sign up with  Far Out Solutions’s HVSaaS. If you need to expand your system later, new cameras can easily be added. The cameras are immediately available for viewing and recording over the Internet. At work, at home or on the road – you can log in to the service portal from anywhere using a PC, laptop or most modern cell phones.

No network configuration needed 
Installing an Axis camera with support for AVHS requires minimal or no network configuration. Regardless of the Internet service provider, routers and firewall settings it is easy to install and add cameras to the system. This, without compromising the desired security settings of the camera or your network.

 Minimal maintenance 
You don’t need to install any dedicated server, software, DVR or local PC. Far Out Solutions will take care of all system maintenance and make sure that your recorded video is stored in a secure location.

Cameras for any need 
For your convenience Far Out Solutions carries a wide range of Axis IP video surveillance cameras that meet the HVSaaS application requirements.

You can benefit from an extensive selection of network cameras – several with e.g. PTZ, megapixel/HDTV resolution and support for Power over Ethernet, in order to eliminate the need for power cables and reduce installation costs.

Hosted video applications 
The need for trouble-free and reliable monitoring of homes, smaller businesses such as retail shops, hotels, restaurant is growing. Hosted video monitoring is suitable for up to 6 cameras per site, perfect for smaller businesses, chain stores and temporary monitoring.

Example 1: Single Business Site or Home.
Typical installations: Homes and Smaller independent businesses, offices, retail shops, hotels and restaurants.

Example 2: Multiple business sites or multiple homes. 
Typical installations: Multiple homes, Retail chains with smaller stores, offices and manufacturing plants in multiple locations.
Above Example: 1 to 6 in your   home and 1 to 6 for the beach house.

Example 3: Temporary monitoring  
Typical installations: Protection of equipment at construction sites or temporary events.

Supported mobile phones 
You can reach your Video Service Provider’s portal from most modern cell phones. A dedicated VHS viewer for I-Phone is available on AppStore.

AVHS-compatible Axis network cameras 
Axis has a wide portfolio of products for professional IP video surveillance that support AVHS (AXIS Video Hosting System).


Up to 7 Days Storage – Per camera
Live View: 640×480, 4FPS Recording: 320×240, 3FPS
5.8 Gb (up to 7 days @ 30% motion)

$29.99 per month / per camera with 1 year Hosting Agreement

$27.99 per month / per camera with 2 year Hosting Agreement

$25.99 per month / per camera with 3 year Hosting Agreement

Up to15 Days Storage – Per Camera
Live View: 640×480, 4FPS
Recording: 320×240, 3FPS
11.7 Gb (up to 14 days @ 30% motion)
Includes 1 Guest Account

$34.99 per month / per camera with 1 year Hosting Agreement

$32.99 per month / per camera with 2  year Hosting Agreement

$29.99 per month / per camera with 3  year Hosting Agreement

Up to 30 Day Storage – Per Camera
Live View: 640×480, 4FPS
Recording: 320×240, 3FPS
25.1 Gb (up to 30 days @ 30% motion)
Includes 2 Guest Accounts

$39.99 per month / per camera with 1year Hosting Agreement

$37.99 per month / per camera with 2 year Hosting Agreement

$35.99 per month / per camera with 3 year Hosting Agreement

Additional Fee information:

We will charge you one or more of the following fees, all of which are subject to change without notice:

  • Activation Fee: There is a one-time fee to activate or reactivate each Device on a Far Out Solutions Technology Subscriber Service Account. The activation fee is currently $15.00 per Device.
  • Cancellation Fee: You will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel Subscription during the first term of service. The cancellation fee is currently $100.00 for a 1-year subscription and $200.00 during the first year of a 2-year subscription.
  • Transfer Fee: If you transfer a Device from one Account to another you will be charged a transfer fee. The transfer fee is currently $100.00.
  • Late Fee: If we do not receive your payment by the billing due date, we will charge you a late fee until the delinquent amount is paid in full. We do not extend credit to Customers and this late fee is not an interest charge. The late fee is currently $20.00 per month.
  • .Additional Guest Accounts: $5 per month.
  • On-Site NAS Accounts: $10 Per month.

We reserve the right to waive any of these fees, in whole or in part, at our discretion. Our failure to enforce any of these fees or any other provisions of these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of the right to assert any such Terms on any future occasion.