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Residential Surveillance Services  

Custom Tailoring Surveillance Systems that Meet Your Needs

Installing home surveillance cameras (CCTV) has become a very popular choice among homeowners looking to improve the security in and around their home.

The demand is for home security solutions that are effective, reliable, and cost-effective.

Once our system is installed you’ll be able to see your kids and nanny activities in live view and even browse logged videos from your office with a simple internet connection.

So how does installing a Far Out Solutions Technology Security Surveillance system can make a difference in your overall security?

  • The mere presence of video surveillance cameras is a crime deterrent – most intruders will find another target!
  • Having surveillance cameras in place will help provide evidence to prosecute a crime
  • Installing video cameras will provide you with a strong sense of security

Far Out Solutions will design and install an effective security camera system that suits your exact needs and budget. Including IP Surveillance and we provide Hosted IP Video Service.

Hosted Services – Cost-effective IP video monitoring for Homes

Far Out Solutions Hosted video is a monitoring and recording service suitable for typically 1-6 cameras per site. Since there is no need for DVRs, NVR, or additional cabling it is an affordable solution for residential applications or wherever you need to keep an extra eye.