Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery – PC, Laptop, Server, External Hard Drive We service both local and nationwide customers, from large corporations to individual pc users. For nearly a decade, we have been successfully performing data recovery from both logically and physically failing hard drives, and specialize in data recovery of pc, laptop, server and external hard drives, usb flash drives and other media.We have structured our data recovery pricing so that we may offer you the lowest rates possible without compromising our quality of service. We offer a FREE evaluation and Guaranteed pricing which ensures that once we have quoted you a fixed price, there will be no additional charge for the recovery of your data. The fixed price that you will be quoted is determined by a number of factors including drive specifications, file system, single or multiple drive configuration, logical or physical failure, and the complexity of the recovery.


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If you’re reading this article, it probably means that you are suffering from some form of data loss. We feel you – it’s a painful, frustrating, and emotionally draining experience. 35% of computer users experience unexpected data loss. Sometimes data can be deleted due to an incorrect command, whereas, at other instance a system cleaner can wipe some important directories. Even viruses and numerous other malware types can corrupt or delete your data. Furthermore, data is often overwritten after the re-installation of an operating system, which occurs due to a virus infection, corrupt files, a damaged boot loader and the like.  But it is not just deletion of data that leads to data loss, as data can also be lost when your hard drive crashes or SD Card becomes non responsive. Below are our thoughts on the subject and what you can do to seek help.

Why Data Loss Occurs

Data loss can occur due to hardware failure, software problems, viruses, power related problems, flood/water damage, fire/heat/smoke damage, and vandalism and sabotage. Hard drives are also by design very sensitive devices.  They are in some ways akin to needles with records, except that the platters are spinning at a much faster rate. Also, in the case of hard drives, the needle is not touching the plates at all, but if the needle becomes defective due to normal wear and tear, manufacturer defect, or low-quality parts, the drive can fail. If something happens to any of the mechanics inside the drive, data loss can occur.

Don’t Try This At Home!

Data Recovery is quite a tricky and laborious process that is often not possible without the knowledge of expert data recovery techniques. If you become a victim of data loss due to hard drive failure, a virus, or any other disaster, do not try to operate your computer. In cases such as head crash, this will only worsen the problem. Beware of using disk utilities as they can be destructive to your data in all but the hands of the most capable and experienced professionals. Many “technicians” do not have data recovery training and can ruin the chances for a successful recovery.

The Internet Is Full Of Scams

So many websites and companies now claim to offer flat-rate, incredibly low priced data recovery. They do not have any online reputation or if they do, they know that people will not take the time to research the company before giving them their project. The internet abounds with statements like ‘We Can Get Your Data back…Guaranteed!’ however they are untrue: it is impossible to guarantee full recovery (100% success rate). There are some circumstances that make it impossible for anyone to recover data regardless of the situation. Further, we can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from customers who shipped their drives to a small repair shop because the company told them “we’re in IT, we understand how this works” or “we’ve built computers for 30 years, we get it.”  No matter how much computer experience an individual or company claims to have, the hard drive itself and the recovery of the sectors that hold data is another animal entirely.

Types Of Recovery

There are many different types of data recovery that are possible. Media types we support and have encountered include IDE, SCSI and SATA interface hard drives (PC, MAC, Server, and Notebook). Microsoft operating systems supported for data recovery include: Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, NT Server, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98/95, Workstation. Apple operating systems include Mac Os9, OsX, and iOS (all flavors) ), Mac, Apple (Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar, Cheetah, Puma), Unix, Linux, Novell, Dos, NTFS, FAT32, FAT, HFS+, HFS, Ext3, Ext2, UFS2, UFS1, etc.

Linux systems include Android, Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, Debian and others. In addition to the above, we also support, virtual disks, including VMDK, VDI and others.

Drives and Partitions

Lost or deleted partitions, firmware corruption or fully formatted drives, and other disk problems.

Deleted Files

Accidentally lost or deleted files, including ‘system restore’ factory default actions that overwrite your data.

Lost Photo Recovery

Missing, corrupt or non-readable pictures, JPG, RAW, TIFF and other image formats from your digital camera.

USB Thumb Drives

Broken flash drives due to bending of the connectors, being stepped on, dropped or other physical damage.

Deleted E-Mail

Microsoft Outlook PST recovery or Mozilla Thunderbird deleted emails and damaged mailboxes.

Data Restoration From Portable Devices

It is also possible to obtain data from all kinds of devices, not just laptops, desktops and servers. For example, we lost data can be retrieved from devices such as Android operating systems, iPad tablets, iPhone and other smartphones, and MP3 players such as the iPod.  In our case, we have not only successfully recovered from these devices, but also from e-Readers and tablet media devices such as the Kindle Fire.

How Our Process Works

Drop off or mail in your media to our facility (you can also bring in your computer with the hard drive installed).  If mailing in (or if you want to save yourself another trip to our shop), please also include a drive for us to recover the data to. We also have drives available for purchase. We will perform a thorough and complete hard drive diagnosis on our data recovery station using a dedicated technician. You will be contacted by your technician with the price of recovery. If you decide not to have recovery work performed, no problem!  Just pick up your failed media or we’ll return ship it to you. There is no charge for diagnosis (unless we perform a detailed software evaluation and you decline a recovery). Priority and emergency service is available.

We have developed a multi-level approach for our hard drive data recovery process. The first of which is a logical approach. This generally deals with accidental deletion of files, a reformatted drive, damaged or corrupt file tables, missing partitions, the infamous “blue screen”, continous rebooting, inaccessible hard drive resulting in the operating system requesting that you reformat now, etc. The other is our physical approach. Physical hard drive recovery is a more invasive procedure that usually involves a disk drive that may be either clicking, grinding, screeching, not spinning, not recognized by the bios, etc.

Our specialty in both desktop and laptop hard drive recovery is not limited to, but includes the following hard drive types and brands; IDE, SATA (Serial ATA), SCSI, USB, Firewire, ZIF, eSATA, Network Hard Drive, SSD (Solid State), Toshiba, Hitachi, IBM, Fujitsu, Seagate, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung, Maxtor. Typical pc desktop computer systems, laptop computers, servers, and external hard drive brands that may contain the listed hard drive brand names are not limited to, but may include; Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, Lenovo, IBM, Thinkpad, Gateway, HP, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Asus, Fujitsu, Panasonic, LaCie, Iomega, SimpleTech, Hammer, Cavalry, Buffalo, Apricorn, Fantom, Buslink, Kanguru, Mac, Apple, etc.

Standard Recovery

Most of the data recoveries that we perform fall into this category. You will be given a more accurate estimate once we complete our evaluation. We use methods that save us time and thus save you money, but in many cases, recovery work is time-consuming and requires many man-hours of labor. If we deem that some or all of the data can be recovered, we will contact you to inform you of estimated recovery success rate and costs. You will work with your technician throughout the diagnosis and recovery process to ensure you get back the data you need.

Clean Room Recovery

Any physically failed hard drive must be recovered in a clean room to prevent any contaminants from coming in contact with the platter surfaces inside the drive where the data is actually stored. Without the clean room, dust particles and other airborne debris would adhere to the platter surfaces in the drive.  If a drive is run with such contaminants, it would permanently destroy the sector locations where that data is saved, thus rendering it unrecoverable entirely.

Clean Room Pricing

Clean room recovery starts at $1000 and can be much higher. The clean room environments themselves are incredibly costly and require continuous maintenance, upkeep and regular certifications.  But, even more than that, the recovery process itself is an extremely delicate science. Hard drives are highly sensitive and finicky devices.  The tools, techniques, knowledge, equipment and experience required to recover data from a physically failed hard drive is where the costs truly come in. These are some of the reasons why recovery is as expensive as it is.

Once Your Data is Recovered

Recovered data can be transferred to a removable storage device (such as an external hard drive or USB thumb drive). If you’re switching to another computer, bring it in and we can custom migrate the recovered data to it.  We can even cross-platform migrate (PC to Mac or vice-versa).

Why Use Us

If your hard drive has crashed, you have suffered from a virus infection or for some reason are being unable to access your data, then Far Out Solutions can resolve your problems. Many technicians do not have data recovery training and can ruin the chances for a successful recovery. We have years of experience: every day we are dealing with lost or deleted partitions, firmware corruption or fully formatted drives, and other disk problems.  Contact us to speak to the experts or mail in your drive. We accept all types of devices, including USB, External Drive, SD Card, internal storage medium, RAID, etc. Our capabilities advance continuously, if you don’t see your system here call us.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process involved in recovering data from a deleted, corrupt, damaged, failed, or inaccessible storage media where the data cannot normally be accessed.

PC/Desktop Computer Data Recovery

Most desktop computers contain one or more hard drive. Each hard drive usually appears as a separate drive letter when you explore My Computer on a Windows PC. The C-drive is standard for the main drive that contains the operating system. Any additional drives or other devices may be lettered accordingly, such as D, E, F, G, etc. A 3.5″ IDE or SATA drive is commonly found in a desktop PC. The majority of these hard drives are mechanical devices, which means that they contain moving parts when operating. It’s a fact that mechanical devices fail. It’s just a matter of time before they do. When a hard drive fails in your PC it can take down the whole system. Not all failed drives have a mechanical failure, but many do. Some may have logical issues rendering the data unreadable or missing. We recover data from drives with both logical and physical issues.

Laptop Data Recovery, Notebook Data Recovery, Tablet PC Data Recovery, Netbook

Laptop computers generally come standard with one or more 2.5″ IDE or SATA hard drives. Some may contain a 1.8″ hard drive or smaller, depending on the system. A laptop hard drive is very similar to a hard drive found in a desktop computer, only smaller. Laptop hard drives are usually exposed to more extreme environments, such as excessive movement from the laptop being moved around or even dropped, temperature change, etc. While these drives generally hold up very well, they are at a greater risk for failure because of their exposure to excessive motion and climate change. As with the desktop drives, not all laptop drives fail because of physical issues. Sometimes the issue may be logical. In both cases, we are here to help.

Server Computer Data recovery

Most Server Computers are found in large corporate environments and some small businesses. A Server Computer does not always contain multiple drives, but most do. They are generally set up in a RAID array either for redundancy, speed, or both. Data recovery of drives within a RAID array usually involves a much more complex and time consuming process than that of a single hard drive. In many cases one or more drives within the RAID array have physically failed. This means that we have to perform recovery of the failed drives first, then move to the next process of de-striping the array. As stated previously, it is not always the case that there has been a physical failure with the hard drives within the array. In some cases there may be logical or RAID issues.

External Hard Drive Recovery

An external hard drive, also referred to a portable hard drive, USB hard drive, Firewire hard drive, e-sata hard drive, or network hard drive, usually contains either a 3.5″ or 2.5″ IDE or SATA internal hard drive. These hard drives are the same hard drives as mentioned above in the PC and Laptop Data Recovery sections. The hard drive has been placed in an external enclosure to make it portable and for easy external connectivity. Two main issues affect these drives when taking into consideration hard drive failure causes. The first is heat and ventilation. The second is excessive movement and/or dropping the drive. We receive many data recovery cases that have been the result of a dropped or knocked over external hard drive. Once again the physical issue is not always the cause of the failure. In either case, logical or physical, we are prepared to recover your data.

Flash Media, Memory Stick, USB Stick, Thumb Drive, Compact Flash (CF), Data Recovery

Flash media contains no moving parts. This would lead you to believe that this is a more secure medium for your data, but that’s not always the case. Data Recovery from flash media can be much more difficult. In many cases with flash media, when the computer is not recognizing the drive at all when inserted, data recovery is not successful. There are exceptions to this, however. If the flash drive is recognized when inserted, but no media is found, chances of recovery may be very good. Please call us to discuss the possibilities of data recovery of flash media.

Apple Data Recovery Services If you are in need of Apple Data Recovery, then Far Out Solutions is here to recover your lost data for you. We are the leading Apple Data Recovery experts in USA, who have been providing a nationwide data recovery service for many years. We can recover your lost data from all kinds of Apple products including Mac Computers, iPod, iPhone and iPad. Our data recover lab and technicians are well equipped to recover your deleted, corrupt or damaged data from even the latest Apple products. This means that we can even provide you with The New iPad Data Recovery.

While there are a number of reliable free and paid tools available for other operating systems that can help even lay users to recover data, the same cannot be said for Apple products. Getting an apple product fixed can be a nuisance, including data recovery and data repair. At Far Out Solutions workshop we offer an efficient Apple Data Recovery and repair service.

Mac OS X has a many kinds of file types such as HFS, HFS+, and HFSX. HFS+ is the improved version of HFS. Due to corruption or inconsistencies, HFS+ volumes may get damaged. This can result in loss of access to data and may require performing data recovery. In such a case , it can not only be hard to recover data but even if one can recover lost files, they might not be in a proper, usable sequence. For this reason, it is not only important that data recovery is performed by a data recovery expert, but also necessary that the recovered data is re-arranged to become usable again.

Far Out Solutions technicians can not only provide you with fast and efficient Mac OS X Data Recovery, iPad Data Recovery, iPhone Data Recovery and iPod Data Recovery, but also make the data usable for you. While our data recovery team can recover all kinds of Apple data, the below mentioned is a brief list of the kind of lost data that we can recover for you:

  • Apple intentionally deleted files
  • Apple unintentionally deleted files
  • Apple accidental deletion of a file or program
  • Apple administration errors
  • Apple Data loss due to power failure
  • Apple Data Loss due to hardware failure
  • Apple Data Corruption due to software crash
  • Apple Data loss due to software bugs
  • Apple Data corruption
  • Apple Storage medium damage due to liquid spill
  • Apple Broken iPhone Data Loss
  • Apple Broken iPad Data Loss
  • Apple Broken iPod Data Loss
  • Apple Broken Mac Computer Data Loss

Apple Data Recovery Services Nationwide: You can mail in your Apple device for a high quality and economic data recovery. Our brilliant mail-in data recovery service providers the best solution for obtaining your lost data from the convenience on your home. Once we receive your device, we will recover your data and mail back the device to you, at your premises.

Data Recovery Walk-in Service:

You can also bring your device to our high tech data recovery lab. We use a clean room for recovering data from drives in a secure and efficient manner. As we perform the data recovery service ourselves, it allows us to charge a low price for the service from our customers.

Apricorn Data Recovery Services  We have performed thousands of successful Apricorn hard drive recoveries. If your Apricorn hard drive suffered a crash, started making clicking noises, was accidentally formatted, or otherwise failed, we can help. With all our years of professional experience, specialized equipment, and state-of-the-art secure facilities, you can rest assured that we have the best chance of recovering your valuable data from your Apricorn hard drive.

Apricorn Data Recovery A hard drive failure can be the cause of data loss. One of the most general types of failure is head crash (physical damage of a hard disk). A hard drive failure that results in data loss can be regarded as logical failure and physical failure. Other major reasons for data loss include electro-mechanical failure (hard drive circuit board is damaged), software malfunction, viruses attacks and natural disasters. However, you should know your valuable data is retrievable, no matter what the situation.

These are some of the most common causes for Apricorn hard disk data loss:

  • Apricorn hard disk physical damage
  • Apricorn hard disk accidental deletion of data
  • Apricorn hard disk overwriting of files
  • Apricorn hard disk accidental reformatting of partitions
  • Apricorn hard disk formatted or repartitioned hard drives
  • Apricorn hard disk corruption of Windows registry
  • Apricorn hard disk crashed
  • Apricorn hard disk component failure
  • Apricorn hard disk clicking, ticking or grinding noises
  • Apricorn hard disk inaccessible drives and partitions
  • Apricorn hard disk defective hard disk drive heads
  • Apricorn hard disk crashed
  • Apricorn hard disk improper system shutdown
  • Apricorn hard disk drive motor failure
  • Apricorn hard disk partition table errors
  • Apricorn hard disk damaged firmware
  • Internal mechanical failure
  • Apricorn hard drive not detected in BIOS
  • Apricorn hard disk media surface contamination and damage
  • Apricorn hard disk partition or boot sector problems
  • Apricorn hard disk malware or virus attack
  • Application software malfunction
  • Apricorn hard drive damage due to mechanical failure
  • Apricorn hard disk printed circuit board (PCB) or logic board failure
  • Apricorn hard disk corruption of FAT or NTFS file system

Hard drive recovery resembles forensics in many ways. Success demands the right knowledge and experience, specialized tools and facilities, and many years of training. We are an industry-leading Apricorn data recovery center providing professional hard disk drive data recovery services that ensure the highest degree of success.

As one of the most common operations that we perform, hard drive data recovery and hard drive repair is at the core of our expertise. Over the years, we have successfully performed thousands of Apricorn hard drive recoveries, saving an incredible amount of valuable data for clients that range from private individuals to businessmen.

All our hard disk data recovery work is performed on-site in our secure, well-equipped facilities. Our Apricorn hard drive recovery experts will work hard to recover your critical data.

Contact Us and tell us about your problem. We will provide you with a free diagnosis detailing what we will be able to recover. You will be fully aware of all your options before making a decision to proceed with the service.

Flash Drive Data Recovery Services If you have a USB Flash Drive, a CF (Compact Flash) card, an SD (Secure Digital) card, or a Solid State Drive (SSD), we can recover your valuable data from these devices.Far Out Solutions is one of the leading data recovery labs for flash (NAND memory) based devices in the United States.

We offer FREE data recovery diagnosis on any USB memory stick, SSD, SD/CF or other flash media.

Common problems include:

  • drive is physically damaged
  • file size shows empty (0MB)
  • device shows as unknown device
  • when you plug in, the software asks to format
  • unreadable error
  • malfunction error

Steps: Try and connect the flash drive, compact flash card, secure digital card or SSD drive to another computer just to be sure that the connection or USB port on your computer is not faulty. If you are using removable flash media, try connecting it to your computer with a separate card reader to ensure that the cord or device you are using is also not faulty.

If you are still having the issue, drop off or mail in the device to our store:

Far Out Solutions
931 S Semoran Blvd
Suite 206
Winter Park, FL 32792

We will perform a full diagnosis on the device and contact you as soon as possible with a recovery quote. We will never perform any recovery work until we have your approval. You will also always be speaking with your technician throughout the process.

For more information about data recovery contact us.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Here atFar Out Solutions, we see hard drive failure more than any other problem with a computer. It is unbelievable how many calls we receive on a daily basis! Before you read any further in this article, PLEASE, do yourself a favor and get a backup hard drive as soon as possible, even if you are currently suffering from drive failure.

We offer FREE data recovery diagnosis on any hard drive!

Whether you have a Windows or Apple Mac system, if your computer won’t start, it often is due to a malfunctioning hard drive. There are various kinds of hard drive problems, but they can be summed up as software, mechanical or electrical. When you drop off or mail your hard drive to our store, we will diagnose it to determine the nature of the problem and the best solution.

We offer two distinct types of recoveries for our clients. First, If the drive has firmware corruption, or a controller board problem, very often the data can be recovered through software means. Our technician will work on your drive at his recovery station, scanning it for issues and trying to repair the drive and pull the critical data from it. If the drive has mechanical failure (often indicated by a ‘clicking’ sound coming from the drive itself), in many (but not all) cases software recovery won’t work. You may need clean room data recovery, where the drive is opened in a dust-free, static-free environment and parts are pulled and replaced. Software recovery prices vary from a simple recovery and as the complexity and level of work involved increases, the price goes up. There is no way to know about your specific case until we diagnose it.  Again, diagnosis is completely free, no strings attached.  Clean room recovery is also available for more difficult cases, often involving hardware failure or some types of firmware corruption. In all cases, when a succesful recovery is performed, we will offer the lowest price possible.  Diagnosis is always free.

Drop off or mail in the device to our store:

Far Out Solutions
931 S Semoran Blvd
Suite 206
Winter Park, FL 32792

We will perform a full diagnosis on the device and contact you as soon as possible with a recovery quote. We will never perform any recovery work until we have your approval. You will also always be speaking with your technician throughout the process.

Hitachi Data Recovery Services  

Far Out Solutions offers certified Hitachi data recovery, providing the best services and solutions for all types of hard disk drive crash and data loss types. We don’t just recover hard drive data, but also offer more service options and hard drive recovery tools to salvage data than most in the industry. Hitachi hard drive data recovery is at the core of our expertise, therefore we maintain a high success rate and are often able to recover data most of today’s recovery shops simply call unrecoverable.

Hitachi Data Recovery Far Out Solutions Help is a leading expert in specializing in professional Hitachi hard drive data recovery. We support and recover data from all Hitachi hard disk drive models and sizes, from the latest quarter-sized mirco-drives to the oldest and biggest hard drives. Far Out Solutions Hitachi data recovery engineers use the latest technical expertise and methods combined with years of industry experience to produce first-rate results you can count on. So whether you’re a home user or an IT professional, trust that Far Out Solutions is the leading knowledgeable source and choice for recovering the data stored in your faulty Hitachi hard disk drive. Our facilities host a clean room to make hard drive recovery easier and more professional.

At Far Out Solutions we’ve found that mechanical and electrical failure, along with software corruption and human error, often play a major role in data loss, however regardless the cause of failure, you can trust our expert technicians to successfully retrieve and recover your lost hard drive data.

These are some of the most common causes for Hitachi hard disk data loss:

  • Hitachi hard disk deletions
  • Hitachi hard disk head crash
  • Hitachi hard disk virus infection
  • Hitachi hard disk media damage
  • Hitachi hard disk corruption
  • Hitachi hard disk electrical damage
  • Hitachi hard disk lost password
  • Hitachi hard disk damaged / overwritten MFT
  • Hitachi hard disk actuator failure
  • Hitachi hard disk lost partition structure
  • Hitachi hard disk damaged motor
  • Hitachi hard disk power spike
  • Hitachi hard disk formatted partitions
  • Hitachi hard disk bad sectors
  • Hitachi hard disk file deletion
  • Hitachi hard disk heat related failure
  • Hitachi hard disk power shortage and spikes

Our technicians support and work on all disk based I/O interfaces, IDE, SCSI, ATA, SAS and SATA standalone or RAID array configured hard disk sets. Our hard drive recovery expertise continues to expand as technology changes.

Far Out Solutions is the company for Hitachi data recovery you can trust knowing your hard drive data recovery is performed by experienced professionals. We are an authorized data recovery center , and we are certified by all computer and hard drive manufacturers to recover data from their OEM products.

Contact us to find out more about our great services and special offers.

Lacie Data Recovery Services If you have suffered a data loss disaster and require data recovery services for your failed Lacie hard drive, trust Far Out Solutions, hard drive data recovery specialist to help recover all of your essential data efficiently. Our certified data experts work hard to make sure they retrieve all data from our faulty Lacie hard drives. Our engineers are available to help you with any questions or needs anytime you need them. Whether you are an individual or a business suffering from computer failure due to a Lacie hard disk crash, we at Far Out Solutions, are here to retrieve your unrecoverable data.

Lacie Data Recovery Our professional experts in Lacie Far Out Solutions can recover data from all types of Lacie hard drives.

One of the most common problems with Lacie hard disk drives relate to their read/write head components. Lacie introduced a new special coating technology in this line for the platters intended and designed to better protect the magnetic layers on the platter. The long term effect of this coating was that it caused more problems than the level of protection it offered to the drive. This protective layer tends to flake under certain environmental conditions, causing small bits of the flaky particles to stick to the read/ write heads which makes reading very unstable. When these particles get embedded in substantial quantities, the disk drive will lose track positioning. This results in failed read/write ability making user data completely inaccessible. The symptoms of such a failure are clicking, knocking, sweeping sounds.

Another commonly found problem with Lacie hard drives is damage to the circuit board (PCBA) components. Hard drives in general are very vulnerable to overheating, power spikes and surges. The use of unstable power supply combined with power streak can lead to damaged or burn of the spindle motor controller driver (SMOOTH chip) on the circuit board. In this case the hard drive would not spin up at all, even when powered ON.

There is also the possibility for your Lacie hard drive to experience degradation due to the development of bad sectors. This usually happens after some period of time when the magnetic media which the platters are covered with starts to degrade and bad sectors develop.

Whenever your Lacie hard drive hits such unreadable bad sector it could start scratching, freezing, ticking accompanied mostly with loud clicking sound. This leads to further damage of the surface and eventually more data loss. As soon as you start experiencing such symptoms while reading from the drive, stop the drive immediately to prevent further data loss.

Far Out Solutions offers the best Lacie data recovery. Regardless of the cause for your data loss, our team of certified specialist have the knowledge and experience to restore your data. Contact us now to find out more about our top data recovery services.

Maxtor Data Recovery Services  Far Out Solutions offers exceptional Maxtor data recovery in Winter Park. Come to us if you have a faulty Maxtor hard disk, our team of professionals at Far Out Solutions are always ready to help you with your data recovery needs. Our Maxtor hard drive recovery specialists can retrieve all of your data more efficiently than any other recovery companies. From individuals to large businesses, our clients have exposed us to all sorts of Maxtor hard disk crashes and computer failures. Our trained data recovery experts and engineers are here to assist you whenever you need them. We guarantee to restore your lost data fast and conveniently.

Maxtor Data Recovery Our professional experts can recover data from all types of Maxtor hard disk drive failures.

These are some of the most common causes for Maxtor hard drive data loss:

  • Maxtor hard disk deletions
  • Maxtor hard disk head crash
  • Maxtor hard disk virus infection
  • Maxtor hard disk media damage
  • Maxtor hard disk corruption
  • Maxtor hard disk electrical damage
  • Maxtor hard disk lost password
  • Maxtor hard disk controller error
  • Maxtor hard disk damaged / overwritten MF
  • Maxtor hard disk actuator failure
  • Maxtor hard disk lost partition structure
  • Maxtor hard disk damaged motor
  • Maxtor hard disk power spike
  • Maxtor hard disk formatted partitions
  • Maxtor hard disk bad sectors
  • Maxtor hard disk file deletion
  • Maxtor hard disk heat related failure
  • Maxtor hard disk dropped cracked casing

One of the most common problems with Maxtor hard drives is firmware failure. Contrary to popular belief, the system’s firmware is not located within the printed circuit board; rather it is stored on the platters in a special storage area which is known as service area.

The firmware is stored in this area in groups of several modules in negative cylinders on the inner diameter. Even if one of these modules gets corrupted it would result in hard drive failure and would require services of a data recovery experts. Upon such a failure the drive is either not identified by the BIOS of the computer or even if it is identified it shows up as having null capacity. Several other errors could result if an attempt is made to boot up the system from such a faulty drive.

Far Out Solutions offers the best services for Maxtor data recovery. Whether your data loss was environmental, mechanical, accidental, or the effort of a hacker, our team of certified recovery specialists has the knowledge and experience to retrieve your data.

You  can bring over or send in your Maxtor hard disk, and we will take it from there. Once we receive your hard drive, we will give you a call and provide you with a free diagnosis, where one of our friendly technicians will explain the situation to you easily. We will also provide you with an exact estimated quote to fully recover your lost data. Once the quote is approved, we will proceed to worn on the recovery of your data.

Raid Data Recovery Services Far Out Solutions employs veteran technicians who are data salvaging and recovery services experts, servicing individual consumers and business organizations of all sizes. If you are experiencing data loss from digital storage media devices such as RAID, SAN and NAS drives, we can help. We offer FREE data recovery diagnosis with any repair on any RAID hard drive array (raid 0, raid 1, raid 5, raid 10, etc.) and we have decades of combined experience in the complex recovery methods employed to retrieve data from RAID systems.

Why RAID Systems Fail RAID and other enterprise server environments have a high degree of fault tolerance however even the most well designed systems are susceptible to malfunctions and RAID systems can hardly be an exception to this rule. There’s a litany of reasons that can cause a RAID system failure, including:

  • Power fluctuation
  • Software
  • Hardware problems (disk controller malfunctions)
  • Human error

RAID Data Recovery Pricing RAID arrays are highly variable are case by case situations and depend on what type RAIDs they are as well as what the failure scenario is.  These cases are always evaluated first to determine recoverability and cost.  Costs are based upon the time (and in the case of clean room, materials) required to work through the extent of the failure / damage.  In the case of clean room, evaluation reports will be generated to list the extent of the failure and damage (physical, logical or both), the chances for fully recovering and the exact cost.  You will then have the option to approve or decline the recovery procedures once evaluated.

Scenario 1: Two Drives (RAID 0 Or RAID 1)   A two drive RAID 0 or RAID 1 could be $400-$3900.  The price range is extremely wide due to various factors involved.  Some of these include:

  • if the RAID controller attempted to rebuild the array
  • if the rebuild was successful or partial
  • if the rebuild occurred in the incorrect drive order.

The variables with these two are exponential. For this reason alone, we need to evaluate to determine what it will take us in terms of time and money to work through the issue given all of the different medium combinations and failure scenarios.

Scenario 2: Six Drives (RAID 5) A 6-drive RAID 5 array could run anywhere from $1000-$9000 depending upon how many drives have failed, again, for the same reasons as above. RAIDs do tend to get significantly more complicated to recover than traditional single bare hard drives, and their cost is usually not cheap.  A good rule of thumb is to assume that it is closer to $1200-$1700 per drive in the array. That’s not to say it won’t be significantly more or even significantly less. But that would be a fair starting point given their complexity.

How We Work Drop off your RAID array at our store location. Be sure to bring in an external hard drive for us to recover your data to. We will then perform a full diagnosis at our facility and contact you once diagnosis is complete. Pricing and options are custom tailored to meet your specific needs.

Diagnosis We will perform a full diagnosis on the device and contact you as soon as possible with a recovery quote.  Recovery cost varies based on many factors, including damage, how much data you need, and if you have multiple drives. We will never perform any recovery work until we have your approval. You will also always be speaking with your technician throughout the process. Our RAID services have been developed through decades of combined experience, innovative and highly successful methods, and the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

Approval When a RAID recovery is approved, it is immediately moved into our RAID recovery area. If one or several of the drives in the array are suffering from a physical failure, such as a head crash or spindle problem, our data recovery engineers will correct each issue before the drives move into the next stage of our process. Before beginning work on any RAID, we make duplicate backup images of each drive. After that, we begin the complex RAID reconstruction process. We work from images instead of working with the actual drives.This ensures less data corruption, fewer problems, and a much higher rate of recovery.

Successful Recovery Once your case is recovered, your data is copied onto digital media (such as an external USB hard drive). We will then call you to pick up your data at our store. 100% of all RAID arrays are recovered using nondestructive methods.  You can drop off or mail in your drives to our facility.

Samsung Data Recovery Services If you need Samsung data recovery after a hard drive crash and failure, the recovery experts at Far Out Solutions can help recover your essential data quickly and effectively from any failed Samsung drive, at the most affordable rates in the area.

Samsung Data Recovery Our Samsung data recovery professionals can help recover all of your information fast and efficiently. You can rely on our qualified Samsung data recovery engineers to get your data back when others are likely to fail. Whether you are an individual or a business suffering from a Samsung hard disk crash or computer failure, we atFar Out Solutions guarantee to get back your unrecoverable data.

Our professional Samsung data recovery experts can recover data from all types of Samsung hard drive failures.

Burnt printed circuit board or PCB have been the most prominent problem experienced in Samsung hard drives and one of the main causes of hard drive crash. Samsung drives are overly vulnerable to power surges and overheating. A faulty power supply unit couple with a single power streak is sufficient to cause hard drive crash by burning the spindle driver chip on the PCB. This makes the data inaccessible, and calls for specialized Samsung hard drive repair. The external symptoms of such a hard drive failure including rebooting or complete shutdown of the unit combined with acrid smell and smoke. The affected Samsung drive will not spin up once the electronic circuitry is burnt up.

Those familiar with basic electronics, the first instinct that comes to mind in such a situation involving a burnt PCB is to replace the PCB with another one from a similar model and make. Though this could have worked in the past, but today modern Samsung hard drives have become more complicated, and now the head disk assembly is matched to the logic board, meaning that it works only for the specific matching PCB and not any other donor PCB. This problem can be overcome in our hard drive recovery lab wherein we use specialized software and hardware to rebuild these adaptive parameters in the Samsung to make a donor PCB fully compatible with damaged drive.

Far Out Solutions offers top quality Samsung data recovery. Whether your data loss was environmental, mechanical, accidental, or the effort of a hacker, our team of certified specialist have the knowledge and experience to restore your data.

If you are not in the Winter Park area, send your Samsung hard drive in to our conveniently located store, our team can recover your lost data as quickly as possible. Contact one of our trained professionals and find out how you can have great Samsung data recovery.

Seagate Data Recovery Services Seagate data recovery is a service that we have many year of experience with.  Seagate is one of the top companies in the world for hard disk drives and storage devices for enterprise, desktop, mobile computing, consumer electronics, and more.  Seagate hard drives are commonly found in both consumer desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet and other computing devices.  The FreeAgent name is used for their external hard drive line.

We offer FREE data recovery diagnosis on any Seagate Hard drive or Seagate product.

Various types of Seagate interfaces include:

IDE Parallel ATA (PATA) Hard Drives
Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drives
SCSI Hard Drives
Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) Hard Drive

Seagate hard disk recovery often involves opening up the drive in a clean room with the idea of pulling platters from the disk and replacing bad parts, cloning the drive, and therefore making a successful recovery.  Other Seagate data recovery methods include using software or replacing a bad controller board in order to make the drive work again.  A common problem is voltage overload due to plugging in the wrong type of power cord into the external hard drive.

No matter what kind of Seagate drive you bring us, we can recover from all of them.  Some popular Seagate models include:

* Seagate FreeAgent Pro ST303204FPA1E2-RK 320GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Go ST900803FGA1E1-RK 80GB 5400 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Desktop ST305004FDA1E1-RK 500GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Go ST901603FGA1E1-RK 160GB 5400 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Pro ST307504FPA1E2-RK 750GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Go ST901203FGA1E1-RK 120GB 5400 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Desktop ST302504FDA1E1-RK 250GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate ST3120203U2-RK 120GB 7200 RPM External Hard Drive
* Seagate ST3160203U2-RK 160GB 7200 RPM External Hard Drive
* Seagate FreeAgent Pro ST305004FPA1E3-RK 500GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Pro ST305004FPA1E2-RK 500GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate ST3250824U2-RK 250GB 7200 RPM External Hard Drive
* Seagate FreeAgent Pro ST303204FPA1E3-RK 320GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Pro ST307504FPA1E3-RK 750GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Pro ST303204FPA1E2-RK 320GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Desktop ST302504FDA1E1-RK 250GB 7200 RPM
* Seagate FreeAgent Desktop ST303204FDA1E1-RK 320GB 7200 RPM

Western Digital Data Recovery Services Western Digital data recovery is made possible through advanced recovery techniques using a specialized technician.  We have recovered thousands of WD hard drives  and are backed by many years of WD recovery experience.  We offer FREE data recovery diagnosis on any Western Digital Hard drive.

Western Digital makes Enterprise Hard Drives, Mobile Hard Drives, Desktop Hard Drives and Consumer Electronics Drives.

Selected Western Digital models include:

WD Raptor®
WD Raptor® X
WD Caviar SE16
WD Caviar GP
WD Caviar SE
WD Caviar
WD Scorpio®