Laptop Theft Protection & Data Security

Laptop Backup

Each week, over 12,000 laptops are lost or stolen in US airports alone. Analysts estimate the average value of the data on each of those laptops at $525,000.

Therefore, it’s essential that you control the valuable data spread across your mobile workforce.

Far Out Solutions provides the control you need within your mobile workforce through an integrated desktop/laptop backup, recovery and data security solution. It backs up to a remote and secure location.

Far Out Solutions makes PC backup and recovery easy for the user and safe for your company.

Get desktop and laptop backup, recovery and data security in one.

Far Out Solutions keeps working even when your PC’s are offline.

Data is backed up to the local hard drive and transmitted the next time the device connects to the network. When connected to the Internet, your backed-up data is automatically moved off site, providing disaster protection.

Even if a PC is compromised, your data can be recovered on to a new device in its current state, helping to ensure business continuity. Far Out Solutions provides added protection by locking down data with disk encryption, port access control, remote data deletion and device tracing.