Avaya Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Far Out Solutions provides our customers with complete cabling solutions to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing networks. Far Out Solutions supports a full line of infrastructure technologies, including voice, data, security, wireless, video network and telecommunications hardware. We insure that your network cabling can accommodate the bandwidth requirements of today as well as tomorrow’s faster technologies.

As a fully licensed cabling business we are able to supply businesses with a full range of data cabling and network services. The cable infrastructure is a critical component of your entire network. A smart cabling decision can pay for itself many times over in its lifetime. Structured cabling that is able to easily integrate the latest technologies helps your business stay ahead of the competition, while reducing overall infrastructure costs.

A cabling design is not just phone systems, computers and paging systems, it must also accommodate video endpoints, audio visual equipment, wireless access points and more. Whether you are upgrading an existing infrastructure or you are building a new location, the proper planning and design is critical to your operational success.

Our technicians and installers use state of the art installation practices, test equipment, and field-proven procedures to ensure the highest quality installation possible.

Far Out Solutions cable services include the following:

  • Consultation and Site Survey
  • Design/Engineering for low voltage wiring for voice and data communications networks; data center design and construction
  • Fiber optic, copper/twisted pair and coaxial cable design, installation, maintenance and diagnostics; full service structured cabling
  • Inside and outside plant, building penetration, high ceilings and other nonstandard situations

Far Out Solutions is your nationwide source for upgrading or installing a new cabling infrastructure, trust the experts at Far Out Solutions to help you on your path to success. Contact us at 407-900-8327.

Small and Midsize Business Solutions

Far Out Solutions understands the challenges and the needs of small and midsize businesses. If you want to ensure that your small business, even with minimal resources, has the productivity of a larger business, integrating your communication tools is critical. With Far Out Solutions small and mid-size solutions, small companies can think big with communications at an affordable price, and help their business compete more effectively.

Contact an Far Out Solutions representative today to design the solutions which will empower your Small to Medium Sized Business. Call, 407-900-8327 to give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

The same communications tools used by larger companies are now helping small businesses propel revenue and growth. The Avaya IP Office combines advanced big-business functionality with the ease of use and simplified management that small businesses require.

The Avaya IP Office Small and Midsize Business Solution

  • Total voice and data communication solution for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • Flexible Hybrid – Functions as a traditional phone system or an IP Telephony Server. Choose, IP, digital or analog phones in any mix.
  • Supports both single locations and multi-sites. From 5 to 1000 users across 32 sites.
  • Basic call center and voice messaging capabilities are built-in.
  • Easy to Customize – Simple management, from anywhere.
  • Built in 128 party conference bridge (PRI T1 required) , Voice Messaging, auto-attendant and Unified messaging keeps you connected.
  • Drastically reduce calling and audio conference costs, eliminate or reduce travel with integrated HD Video conferencing.
  • Scalable as business needs grow.

Enterprise Business Solutions 

Far Out Solutions’s Enterprise Solutions Team designs, implements and maintains powerful converged communication networks for enterprise customers nationwide. Far Out Solutions has developed the comprehensive skills to achieve Avaya’s most rigorous requirements for large enterprise class converged voice and data, technical expertise and customer satisfaction.

Far Out Solutions is leveraging Avaya’s world-class technology by providing application centric solutions to our customers to achieve superior business results. Avaya Aura™ is the core communications platform supporting unified communications and contact center solutions for midsize to large enterprises. It extends Communication Manager and enables SIP-based session management with innovative capabilities.

Key customer benefits of the new Avaya Aura Communication Manager:

  • Business agility driven through a holistic enterprise architecture for connecting users, applications and systems
  • New cost savings from SIP connectivity and reduced PSTN usage through a single enterprise-wide dial plan
  • Increased productivity from the faster deployment of the right unified communications applications to the right users everywhere
  • Increased customer satisfaction by better connecting people and accelerating processes in real-time across the “customer ready” enterprise

Far Out Solutions provides consistent, differentiated service for our enterprise customers that require an intelligent communications strategy that connects customers to the right people and processes, across locations and business functions. To power your enterprise, you need a system you can put to work today, and one that can adapt to meet changing economic conditions and the evolving needs of your business tomorrow.

Avaya Aura enables faster and easier deployment of communications capabilities such as voice, video, messaging, and presence and even social media integration. As a result, productivity and business agility can be increased. This open, extensible IP telephony platform delivers applications over multi-protocol networks, so you can move to a converged network where and when it makes sense. It supports widely accepted application-programming interfaces that enable a range of Avaya and third-party applications.

To learn more about Avaya Enterprise products, contact an Far Out Solutions Enterprise Solutions expert at: 407-900-8327.

Unified Communications Solutions 

Unified communications empowers better collaboration by offering one solution for voice, email, messaging and conferencing, which integrates with core business applications. Far Out Solutions designs Unified Communications Solutions that incorporate multiple enterprise communication technologies and applications to produce an environment that best supports the way users work, resulting in a workforce that’s efficient anytime, anywhere and everywhere.

Avaya Unified Communications Solutions bundle telephony, messaging, conferencing, collaboration and mobility applications to help deliver the right applications to the right devices based on end user needs. Far Out Solutions’s Engineers work with our customers to understand their businesses and design the right solution using the best products available. With our consultative approach and deep technical expertise, we design and implement a Unified Communications solution which directly addresses your business needs.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline Personal Communications
  • Be More Responsive, Connected
  • Increase Productivity, Improve Collaboration
  • Work from Anywhere, Never Miss an Important Call
  • Lower Support Costs

The Avaya UC solutions enable quick and effective interactions and collaboration across any organization. Unified Communications reduces the inconvenience and delays associated with trying to find and connect with key contacts. In addition, Unified Communications solutions enable employees to filter and control the level of contact that they receive, giving them more control over their workflow.

The Avaya UC solutions give employee’s new and more convenient ways to access, share, and respond to messages – voice, e-mail, fax, or all three.  Enhanced messaging capabilities such as Speech Access give mobile employees hands-free access to desktop tools (e.g., Microsoft Outlook) and communications (e.g., dialing, conferencing) through simple and intuitive speech commands.

Avaya Unified Communications solutions are seamlessly integrated: Reply to email with your voice or turn an IM into a conference call. Answer your desk phone from the airport. No matter how, where, or when you communicate, you’ll have seamless access to the same familiar interfaces and corporate resources.

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To learn more about UC Solutions, find out how our customized, integrated solutions can drive your business’ growth or contact an Far Out Solutions UC team member at 407-900-8327.

Data Network Solutions

Today’s enterprise network needs to be a highly focused resource capable of providing a mobile and diverse workforce with efficient, effective access to the tools and applications that drive productivity.

Traditional networks were not designed in consideration of today’s mobile and diverse workforce. To help ensure that your enterprise has a fit-for-purpose network, rather than a general purpose network, Far Out Solutions will design an Avaya network solution that addresses three key requirements: resiliency, efficiency, and scalability. The increased reliability, efficiency and scalability ultimately translates to lower capital and operating costs while delivering a competitive advantage for enterprises operating in today’s more distributed, collaborative environments.

Far Out Solutions provides the data networking solution you need to achieve continuous and secure communications. As real-time communications continue to evolve, the data network begins to facilitate communications-enabled business services, while transporting other critical business applications. Networks that enable voice, data, and video to share the same infrastructure are quickly becoming a reality, providing new ways for businesses to save money and achieve a greater competitive advantage.

Far Out Solutions understands that Enterprises today need more than just choice when looking at networking solutions. They clearly need solutions that will empower them to quickly respond to changing business requirements, improve time to service, while simplifying their network and reducing costs. The Avaya data solutions deliver some of the most advanced technologies available, enabling enterprises to build dependable networks with a significant return on investment.

Here is a quick look at some of the key architectural elements of the Avaya Fit for Purpose network infrastructure:

Bringing Resiliency to a New Level

Avaya’s Fit for Purpose approach to resiliency is based on its Switch Clustering technology and also by more effectively managing routine maintenance operations as well as unplanned outages. These and other capabilities enable Avaya to deliver up to seven times better resiliency than the market share leader, providing uncompromising end-to-end availability for real-time applications such as VoIP.

Efficient Network Performance

A good business is run just this side of ‘lean and mean’; a Fit for Purpose network must be designed with the same sensibility. Avaya solutions are able to deliver up to 20 times better performance with one-third less equipment through an architecture designed to maximize all resources and investments, eliminating idle or underutilized links, equipment and even entire “architectural tiers”.

Scalability for Future-Readiness

No individual product can ever be cost-effectively future-proofed. Instead a Fit for Purpose network takes advantage of a variety of innovations—virtualized, multi-device platforms, streamlined architectures, automatic QoS and role-based security—to more effectively scale as business demands evolve and grow, maximizing capacity utilization, easily accommodating incremental growth and avoiding unnecessary and costly fork-lift upgrades.

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The goal for Far Out Solutions is to deliver a consistent, enterprise-class experience, one that supports context-aware collaboration that is always-on, simplified and virtualized. A key building block for this vision is Avaya’s Fit for Purpose network.

For more information on the intelligent, cost-saving capabilities of Avaya Fit for Purpose network solutions, contact an Far Out Solutions Network Specialist at 407-900-8327.

Video Communication

Radvision Telepresence and Visual Communications Solutions

Far Out Solutions offers a market-proven experience in implementing visual collaborative communication solutions in enterprises. Business quality video communications plays an important role in any UC strategy. One of the fastest ways to maximize investments in a unified communications platform is to provide seamless interoperability with high-definition, standards-based video conferencing.

Far Out Solutions makes it easy to adopt and incorporate video collaboration into daily business processes, with solutions ranging from personal desktop systems to large conferences connecting multi locations and endpoints around the globe. With the Avaya’s Radvision Video Solutions, you can bring together teams from across the hall, across the country or across the world.

Far Out Solutions offers RADVISION telepresence and video conferencing endpoints, Unified Communications and collaboration solutions, and infrastructure equipment.

More and more businesses, both small and large, are utilizing video conferencing to save time and money, which makes Radvision’s professional-grade videoconferencing products a very exciting addition to Far Out Solutions’s product range. Far Out Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the best solutions, and now with Radvision’s infrastructure, middleware and client-based video solutions, they can specify some of the industry’s most reliable, highest-quality systems for all of their video conferencing needs.

Radvision, an Avaya company, is a leading provider of products and technologies for unified visual communications over IP, wireless and emerging next-generation networks. Radvision’s latest innovations including high performance room systems, unmatched telepresence, desktop communications, and mobile conferencing solutions.

Radvision’s SCOPIA product portfolio provides comprehensive and powerful visual communication solutions that allow advanced voice, data and video conferencing. The SCOPIA product offering includes network infrastructure solutions for multi-party conferencing, network connectivity and firewall traversal; endpoint solutions for board rooms, conference rooms, desktop and personal video conferencing; and management software for scheduling, device and bandwidth management and directory services.

Radvision’s complete solution includes all the components necessary to provide a total video, voice, and data collaboration application. To learn more contact an Far Out Solutions Video Communications Consultant at 407-900-8327.

Mobility Solutions

Innovation, productivity and responsiveness depend on mobile solutions that make communications seamless. Far Out Solutions can help empower your employees and deliver the people-centric tools that make a difference every day in productivity, customer support and overall enterprise performance.

As mobility becomes the rule rather than the exception, enterprise mobile communications strategies are evolving from providing convenient reachability to delivering tools that maximize individual and team performance. Mobile communications are changing the way people do business. An array of market trends and economic factors are making users and businesses increasingly mobile. Terms such as teleworker, road warrior, campus nomad and virtual office describe a very different work environment than in years past.

The mobile workplace creates opportunities for increased productivity, empowering organizations to conduct business as usual anytime and anywhere. To remain competitive, organizations need the ability for employees to access voice, e-mail, and fax messages easily; dial one number to reach associates, and use the same communication features wherever they are working – on the road, at home, or in the office.

Key Business Benefits

·         Increased productivity – Optimize opportunities for collaboration by taking advantage of presence and availability indicators. Use visual voicemail, consolidated call logs, unified contact lists, and access to corporate directories for fast, easy, context-based communication. Take advantage of VIP lists to allow only key callers to reach you, minimizing interruptions during off-hours or critical meetings.

·         Critical Information Access – You have secured remote access to the information you need, where and when you need it, through a single source.

·         Customer Satisfaction Improvement – Equipping your employees with mobility solutions allows you to provide a more visible presence to your customers and enhance their perception of your availability.

·         Improved Customer Interactions – Reduce the chance of missing important calls by simultaneously ringing the desk phone and up to four other devices. Seamlessly transfer calls between mobile devices and the desk phone or computer-based software client for true, one-number portability. Whether they are roaming the office, working virtually, or working from a customer location, employees can be contacted through a single number.

·         Reduce Costs – Reduce mobile charges by routing all outgoing mobile calls through the enterprise network. Single number reach sends inbound mobile-device calls to an enterprise voice mailbox, enabling access to messages through landlines and enterprise networks. Additionally, visual voicemail allows low-cost data download of voice messages instead of more costly dial in to the voice mailbox.

Avaya mobility solutions are designed to provide a streamlined, consistent and connected collaboration experience for business users regardless of the location or devices they have at their disposal.

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To learn more about Avaya Mobility Solutions, contact an Far Out Solutions Mobility Specialist at 407-900-8327.

Far Out Solutions Service Solutions 

Communications are the most important factor for small and large enterprises. The key to maintaining a healthy communications infrastructure and ensuring as little downtime as possible is service. Far Out Solutions specializes in providing our customers with the best service possible. We provide comprehensive services support with expertise, technology, and the tools in place to deliver everything from solution design to in-field implementation.

Far Out Solutions is just a phone call away and available to help you resolve any question, problem, or technology need — before, during, and after implementation. We also meet your ongoing needs with world-class services such as remote diagnostics, problem resolution and on-site technical support.

Far Out Solutions’s extensive engineering and technical background, combined with years of experience, allows us to provide unsurpassed level of design, installation, maintenance and diagnostic service. We guarantee our technicians and engineers have the appropriate certifications and the technical ability to maintain the quality you demand.

Far Out Solutions Technologies has a range of professional services to add value to the equipment and solutions we offer.  Our expert team of professionals can create a seamless experience for our customers from design thru implementation and maintenance.  The added value of using Far Out Solutions is our commitment to our customers and their needs.

The solution Planning and Design begins by identifying client expectations and helps define anticipated outcomes for the project. By gaining a thorough understanding of Customer’s business strategy, goals, and expectations, Far Out Solutions is better positioned to maximize the outcome of the solution deployment.

Far Out Solutions Implementation Services

Far Out Solutions Technologies installs complex communications networks across the county, with many flexible and cost-effective programs.  For relocation, opening new locations, upgrades to existing systems, and complex technology refresh, Far Out Solutions can deliver expert technical installations at an affordable price.

To provide quality assurance of your products, we ship everything to our staging facility to fully prepare and test your system so it is ready for on-site installation. Our Far Out Solutions Engineers will:

  • Perform a complete inventory of your equipment.
  • Order any additional or missing equipment if necessary.
  • Download all software licenses and right to use permissions.
  • Perform all software and firmware updates.
  • Software translations will be done by assigned Software Specialist.
  • Input all network IP addresses into the system.
  • Burn in the system and run diagnostics to identify any problems.
  • Perform a complete test of all hardware and software.

Once the Far Out Solutions Engineers are satisfied with the integrity of the system and the system software, the equipment will be de-installed, packed and readied for shipment to your location. When the equipment arrives at your site, Far Out Solutions will:

  • Unpack all equipment and adjuncts.
  • Perform a complete inventory to insure all equipment has arrived.
  • Rack and stack equipment.
  • Power up the system.
  • Perform a complete test of all equipment, hardware and software.

At this point your new communication system will be up and running and ready for the cutover. This will allow you to access your system on site and make any changes that are necessary. The Far Out Solutions team will be on site when your new system goes live – ready to handle any changes necessary to ensure that your new communications solution is working just the way you want it. Far Out Solutions will always be available to answer your questions or concerns.

Far Out Solutions Project Management

Far Out Solutions Technologies Project Managers are experts at managing large and small technology projects and installations, whether in one location or multiple city implementations, whether the equipment is provided by Far Out Solutions Technologies or it is equipment you currently own. Far Out Solutions Project Management Services help speed implementation – and thus, business benefit realization – by monitoring critical time frames and effectively managing changes to help ensure timely deployment.

Project Managers coordinate with Customer’s team to manage implementation requirements and act as a single point-of-contact that coordinates all Far Out Solutions technician resources, software resources, or engineers. By managing a comprehensive implementation project schedule and monitoring critical milestones, Project Management makes certain the solution is implemented according to plan and minimizes the risk of delays and additional costs.


Far Out Solutions Application & System Training

Your system is only as good as how it is being used. Far Out Solutions wants our customers to be as excited about their communication solution as we are. Our trainers must meet high standards and have proven experience in making a difference for our clients. Far Out Solutions Technologies offers application and system training and technical staff training on industry leading communication products and solutions.  This training can be at the time of the installation, following the installation or at regularly schedule classes.  If a company needs additional training to ensure they are getting the most out of their technology investment, Far Out Solutions Technologies offers onsite or remote training through our certified technical team. Customers with a knowledgeable staff have fewer problems. Our relationship with the customer doesn’t stop once a system is installed. Far Out Solutions Training Promotes Quality Implementation.

  • Involves all employees and managers.
  • Train on new user commands.
  • Eliminates service calls due to user errors.
  • Follow-up as needed.
  • Offer on-line help tools.

Far Out Solutions Maintenance Services

Regardless of what business you may be in, or the size of your organization, your communication systems are the lifeline to customers and vendors alike. From coast to coast, Far Out Solutions’s maintenance plans allow you to feel more comfortable that your technology investment is protected and secure.

Far Out Solutions Technologies Support Plans are designed to optimize the reliability and performance of your communications system. Our commitment is to provide you with the best service and support in the industry. Far Out Solutions Technologies offers multi-year maintenance contracts that are flexible and can be customized to a company’s needs, including 8 to 5, 5 days a week all the way to 24X7 contracts.  We offer full service maintenance with industry leading technicians, across the country, through our vendors and partners.

Far Out Solutions Remote Network Monitoring & Management

Complex IP networks, running both voice and data traffic is critical to your business.  Far Out Solutions offers remote network monitoring and management to prevent downtime and to ensure high-grade voice quality for telephony calls and applications.

Far Out Solutions Help Desk Support

Far Out Solutions Technologies offers technical help desk contracts to provide Tier I or Tier II support to a company’s employees.  This frees up their technical team to work on more complex projects.  With our team of certified industry experts, we can provide first-call support and diagnostics, in a courteous and professional manner and then engage the company’s technical team only when necessary.

Avaya Maintenance Services

If you are a current Avaya maintenance customer we can help manage your account with Avaya to ensure all appropriate equipment is covered and that you find the best plan for your business needs.

Far Out Solutions can provide you with an Avaya Global Services maintenance quote and Channel Service Agreements for any Avaya configuration whether it is for a new customer installation, an upgrade or add-on to an existing contract, or simply renewing a contract nearing expiration

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About how Far Out Solutions Services can enhance your communications and your business, contact Far Out Solutions at 407-900-8327.