The “New Normal” will take a great deal of getting used to. Most of us are not built to be cooped up in our homes to live and work. However, with the advanced technology that we currently have, working from home has become a reality and mostly taken for granted. The technology enables us to be functional in our society without ever leaving the comfort of our own home. This goes to show how far we’ve come as new technology is discovered and implemented in every turn. Our jobs can now be performed in our living room.

Also, education has now moved to a home-based platform. Gone are the days when students are carrying enormous textbooks meant to cover only one specific subject. Lessons are now conducted virtually! What will a typical student need to cope with these fast-paced changes?

Hardware And Software to Utilize

When we talk about the kinds of software to use, it will vary depending on the tasks that you have to perform professionally and/or a student. A great example right now when we talk about having a meeting or class with work colleagues or classmates. We automatically assume it would be done using Zoom. Yes! It is the new Skype. Then there are notating applications, screen recording applications, and other things that would make learning and other tasks that much easier and more interactive. It depends on the organization or school you work for or provides your educational experience. They will be the ones to provide you with instructions on where you can download or purchase the applications required for you to communicate effectively.

Without that direction you have to decide what type of systems and software tools you are going to use, it all boils down to your specific needs. What I mean by that is, if you are going to use your system to do virtual training, meetings, and online modules you can opt to a mid-range system.

Windows and/or Apple iOS based hardware platforms are plentiful and dependent on the brand and specifications that you are going for. When it comes to the variety of options and models to choose from when choosing your hardware I guess your budget is your limit.

Luckily, Far Out Solutions offers, for a limited time only a special desktop packed with all the technology needed to perform your daily tasks. It can be for your home office or e-learning purposes. We also have computer/OS setup and configuration services that can be delivered within an hour. If that’s not enough, our VPN services are also on stand by ready to make your connection as secure as possible. Contact us now to learn more about these amazing limited offers.