Take Control of Your Print Costs

In the new economy, cost-efficiency is a priority every day. For most companies, the cost of office printing—cost-per-print, routine maintenance, and service—is an unexplored opportunity for significant, cumulative savings. We can show you how to optimize your printing resources, regardless of manufacturer, and reduce your operating costs by up to 30%.

MPS Benefits

  • Cut costs on print consumables, service, and cost-per-page.
  • Reduce energy use through device consolidation and upgrade.
  • Reduce waste, order only the supplies needed, with no excess.
  • Optimize efficiency with remote management and lifecycle management.
  • Streamline operations with centralized support for multiple brands and models.
  • Increase uptime with on-site service coverage.
  • Control budgets with fixed costs and no surprises.
  • Gain visibility into print activity and trends with online tools to improve control and management of your devices.
  • Customize your Managed Print Service for your network and print devices and operational priorities.

Simplify Accounting and Logistics

Budget control. You receive a monthly, itemized invoice for the number and types of prints made by your printers managed by our Managed Print Services. It’s everything you need to review, reconcile, forecast, and manage your office printing budget. Cumulative data highlights any activity excesses so you can adjust device use rules or even limit feature access if necessary.

Cost savings. In typical office environments, the cost of every print or copy varies widely based on how much toner or ink is used on each page.

When service is required, scrambling to find help prolongs downtime, and when dealing with multiple vendors, minimum service thresholds can increase expense and response time. MPS consolidates these varied expenses and support. You pay a fixed, inclusive cost-per-page that reduces your overall expense.

Far Out Solutions

We offer full-featured MPS solutions designed specifically for small to medium, through enterprise-scale businesses. MPS is very flexible. Use all of its features or just a few. We can help you manage a single networked device or your entire print environment.

Together we’ll choose the best balance of business needs and budget relief that works for you.

Contact Mary Perez at 407-900-8327 Ext 802 today to learn more about how managed print can save you time and money.