IT Solutions for Construction Firms

IT Construction

You're on a tight deadline and can't be bogged down by IT hiccups. At Far Out, we provide seamless IT support tailored for construction. From project tracking to security, our solutions are designed to support you from start to finish. Trust in our over 20 years of experience to streamline your construction practices.

24/7 Technology Support

Far Out Solutions, headquartered in Orlando, has been a beacon of IT excellence since 2003. With a global reach, we offer:

  • On-site assistance during inspections
  • Cutting-edge communication tools
  • Robust security systems including CCTV
  • Advanced cabling & fiber optics
  • Complete data communication solutions


  • Commercial Real Estate IT Services
  • Architectural IT Solutions
  • Property Development

Commercial Real Estate IT Services

To thrive in the dynamic world of construction and engineering, your IT solutions need to be robust and adaptive. Far Out Solutions crafts personalized IT services ensuring your construction firm stays ahead.

What We Offer:

Harness the potential of your IT infrastructure with our comprehensive suite of services. From network installation to remote support, we're here to back you up. Plus, our IT assessments are perfect for budding firms.

Why Choose Far Out?

Decades of industry experience makes us the ideal partner for your construction IT needs. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Architectural IT Solutions

In the realm of architecture, innovative design is powered by modern technology. We, at Far Out Solutions, stand ready to propel your architectural firm into the tech-savvy future.

Our Expertise Includes:

Tailoring IT solutions to boost your firm's efficiency, scalability, and client satisfaction. From cloud solutions to compliance guidance, we've got you covered.

Far Out Advantage:

Our commitment to your vision is unwavering. With a proven track record and adherence to industry standards, we promise unparalleled service.

Property Development

Dive into the future of property development with our tailor-made IT solutions. With 14 years under our belt, our expertise is both extensive and exceptional.

Service Highlights:

  • Deep industry knowledge for both large and small projects.
  • Quick and efficient problem-solving.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Far Out Promise:

We're not just another IT service provider; we're your partner in success. Let our skills be the stepping stones to your firm's growth.

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